Why do I train?

From a very young age, sport has been a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to have supportive parents and teachers who encouraged me to try as many different sports as I could. Athletics was the one sport that I was desperate to get involved with, but waiting until I was 8 years old to join my local athletics club seemed like waiting an eternity.

Pippa Alford
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The Titan Tour 2015 - Part 1

If I was to say I wasn’t nervous about how the tour would be received I would be telling a massive lie! Myself and Sonny have set out to do something that no other British lifter has ever done and that is to tour the UK with the aim to introduce a more professional level of weightlifting into crossfit boxes while also (hopefully) raising a big bag of cash for the very deserving charity ‘HELP FOR HEROES’
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My Functional Fitness Competition Season

So I'm going to begin with a little bit about myself, I'm 23 years old and live in Stoke on Trent. As a teenager I was never hugely into traditional sports, I was more interested in motorcycles and music but towards my later teen years I got into the gym and getting fit. I found functional fitness 2 years ago and haven't looked back since.

Joe Cowen
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Do you follow the latest Outlaw Lab CF Celebrity Program?

I can remember the skill being a back squat and the WOD a tyre drag with burpees jumping onto the tyre. I wanted to look good and went super fast on the burpees, obviously dying but since that day I'm know to be the burpee boy ha ha...

Josh Saville
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My Journey Into Powerlifting

My name is Nicole Dash and I am a competitive powerlifter in the 55 kilo weight category. I have only been powerlifting for two years but I can safely say it very quickly became a huge part of my life.
Nicole Dash
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Why do I Train?

I began training in October 2010, my discovery of the sport aligned with the beginning of my second year of University and like most people I was hooked within months. CrossFit Leeds fast became my second home and I was lucky enough to compete on their Regionals team in both 2011 and 2012.
Chloe Barrett
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O[teepee] - Summer Camp 2013

On Friday 16th August, Outside the [Box] travelled to Pembrokeshire to make like functional Red Indians for a weekend of fitness, beaches, teepees, great food and a few beers.
Paul Ramage
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