Women's Compression Clothing

Are you looking for a way to reduce DOMS and improve WOD performance? You need compression clothing in your life.

Compression gear improves circulation, sending an increased flow of blood to the affected muslces. Inside the box, this translates to less muscle fatigue, improving your WOD times. Outside the box, it improves recovery and reduces soreness.

We stock some of the industry's leading compression brands, including 2XU. If you want to look awesome, and get results, you're in the right place!

10 results
2XU Fitness Mid Colour lBlock 7/8 Tight Black / Golf Green Stripe
2XU Print Mid-Rise Comp 7/8 Tights Golf Green Urban Grid / White
2XU Print Mid-Rise Comp Tights Brick Pink / White
Leggings - 2XU Fitness Hi-Rise Comp 7/8 Tight Black/Black Tomato Maze
Leggings - 2XU Mid-Rise Print 7/8 W Storage Tomato Vertical Curve/White
Leggings - 2XU Mid-Rise Print Tight W Storage Aruba Blue Vertical Curve/White
Leggings - 2XU Mid-Rise Print 7/8 Dark Charcoal Maroc Blue 3D Dots / Silver
Leggings - 2XU Fitness Comp Tights Black / Dark Charcoal
Leggings - 2XU PTN Mid-Rise Comp 3/4 Tights Ombre Blue / Vein Dense Pattern
Leggings - 2XU MCS Cross Training Comp Tights
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