On Friday 16th August, Outside the [Box] travelled to Pembrokeshire to make like functional Red Indians for a weekend of fitness, beaches, teepees, great food and a few beers. The bus left Manchester on Friday lunchtime heading to CrossFit Dynamic to hook up with their box for the weekend and the 1st WOD of the trip. We then settled into the Teepees, our home for the weekend, before tucking in to a BBQ. One of the highlights of the weekend was all of the great food provided by our friends at Paleo Nutrition Wales. The grass fed organic meat really is a taste apart - we can't recommend it enough.

Saturday, we completed a number of WODs on the beatiful beaches around Pembrokeshire. The weather did not play ball, but thanks to Inov8 footwear, we all had some grippy shoes to test out on the sand, mud and rocks. We had to bail on one of the sea based WODs due to the weather, so took sanctury inside Dynamic again with a nasty little team head to head challenge.
Sunday saw the sun make an appearance for the first time and with it we took on a scenic run to the beach ending with a quick dip in the sea. The final WOD of the weekend was in front of the castle before tucking into more prime grass fed beef for the last time. With full stomachs we headed back up the road. We can't wait for CrossFit Dynamic to visit us up North for more of the same.



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September 14, 2013 — Paul Ramage

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