2016 has been a mixed bag - with many of us finding an escape at the box. Our blog is a place for us to share articles that entertain and inspire, helping you take your training to the next level. 

Here are the top 10 posts from our blog this year. If you're looking for some motivation to inspire your new year fitness goals, this is it!



1. 10 Recovery Secrets You Might Not Know

A strong recovery plan is essential if you're serious about improving those WOD times. We all know this, but it's still something many people find hard to put into practice.

In this post, we look at the recovery secrets that help elite athletes train multiple times per day - going beyond the standard post-WOD protein shake.

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2. Bad Box Habits to Give Up For Lent

We wrote this post in time for lent, but it's just as relevant for the start of a new year. Instead of telling yourself you're going to eat clean all year, or start a new diet on Monday, have a look at the bad habits holding you back in the box.

This list of 50 habits should be enough to get you started - how many can you relate to?

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3. 5 Long WODs You Need to Try

Ready to start the new year with an epic WOD? Check out this list of long WODs you need to try in 2017.

Long WODs aren't for every day - but they are an important part of training. If you're always looking for the easy option in the box, or cherry pick your favourite WODs, make it your mission to give all of these a try. 

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4. 10 Struggles Only People Who Lift Understand

Making a new year's resolution to lift more in 2017? You're going to get familiar with these struggles...

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5. Easy Ways to Improve Your WOD Times

If you want to get faster and stronger in 2017, make sure you keep it simple. The biggest changes often happen when you make simple changes - because the small details matter. A lot.

In this post, we share five simple ways to improve your WOD times. Before you start looking at all the complex changes you can make it 2017, make sure you've got these nailed.


6. The Brits Are Coming: Regionals 2016

Looking for some inspiration to kick of another year of training? This epic rundown of the Brits who made it to last year's Meridian Regional will give you a push to take your training to the next level in 2017.

We can't wait to see who will be joining them next year. 💪🏽

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7. Mindset Traps to Avoid in the Box

Mindset has been a buzzword in the fitness industry this year, but with good reason. You can make ALL the changes to your training and nutrition, but if you're head's getting in the way, you won't reach your full potential.


Here are the most common mindset traps we see in the box - and what you can do to avoid them.

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8. Signs You Need to Eat More

For years, the diet industry has been telling us we need to eat less. But is that going to help you in training? Probably not.

Good nutrition is essential for fuel and recovery. If you're not eating enough, your training will suffer. Take a look at this post to learn the signs that suggest you need to eat MORE - not less.

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9. 5 Ways to Improve Your Clean

Is 2017 going to be the year you master the Olympic lifts? In this article, we share five simple tips to help you improve your clean.

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10. What to Eat During the CrossFit Games Open

Although we wrote this post for the CrossFit Games Open, it's relevant all year round if you're pushing yourself in the box.

Nutrition can be a confusing topic, so we collaborated with Lindsay from Lean Bean Nutrition, a registered dietician, to bring you these no nonsense nutrition tips.

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