As humans, we have a tendency to overcomplicate things. When your mind is set on a goal, it’s easy to overlook the simple details. But, the truth is, these simple details matter. A lot.

Instead of immediately focusing on the advanced actions you could take to move towards your goal, make sure the foundations are in place first.

You can apply this rule anywhere, but it’s especially relevant in the box. How many times have you tried to push forward with a goal, only to end up right back where you started - working on the basics, and feeling like you haven’t progressed very far at all?

This is a sign you’re making your training far more complicated than it needs to be.

If this sounds like you, here are 5 really simple ways to improve your WOD times.



It should go without saying, but it’s amazing how many people fail to train consistently, and then wonder why they’re not getting any results.

If you want to improve your WOD times, you’ve got to put the work in.

It’s that simple.

Above anything else, this is the action you need to focus on. If you know consistency is your biggest weakness, try setting a schedule for your training - and stick to it!

Make this as easy as possible for yourself. If you’re not a morning person, don’t kid yourself that you’re going to show up for the 6am class. Consider your lifestyle away from the box, and factor in those important details when you set your training routine.



Have you ever found “The Perfect” program, only to give up after three weeks because you haven’t got the results yet?

Don’t be that guy!

A decent program will build results over time - rather than promising a quick fix. Your goal is to improve consistently - in all aspects of the sport.

For most people, this means following the program set by your coaches. Although at times this may seem random, your coaches know what they’re doing - so trust the process!

This leads us on to our next point....


Coach knows best. No really, coach knows best. That’s why you pay them your membership each month, right?!

The Internet is a pretty awesome place. You can learn so much - especially about training and nutrition - but that doesn’t make you an experts.

It doesn’t matter about that Huff Post article your mate Bob shared on Facebook last week. If your coaches tell you it’s not right for you, listen! They’re qualified to interpret the latest theories or programs and - here’s the important part - they know how to apply them to the people they coach.

If you really don’t want to be coached, or think you know better, consider finding somewhere else to train - or at least take it to an open gym session. Even if you don’t want to benefit from your coach’s expertise, it’s not fair to disrupt those who are there to learn.



Each time you train, you improve your body - even when you’re not hitting regular PBs.

Although it may seem like you’re not progressing fast enough, you can’t see everything that’s happening with your body.

From muscle memory to the way your body uses energy, there are thousands of processes happening that you don’t instinctively know about - all of which contribute to your success in the box.

Ultimately, these will help you progress - whether your goal is to lose fat, get faster, or build muscle. Results don’t always manifest themselves overnight - but that doesn’t mean your body’s not working hard to get them for you.

The bottom line: Trust the program. Trust your coaches. Trust your body.



Despite everyone banging on about it for the past few years, the importance of recovery is still massively underappreciated.

What you do inside the box matters - but it doesn’t stop there. You need to be smart about how you recover between WODs too. What can you do to maximise your body’s ability to repair and recharge?

Although this is a huge topic, there are many simple actions you can take to get big results. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you getting enough rest?
Are you eating the right foods for recovery?
How’s your sleep?
Should you consider a deload week?
How much water do you drink?
Would you benefit from taking any recovery supplements?
How stressed are you?


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