Looking for a way to supercharge your recovery? You need to check out this month's featured brand, and new addition to our online store, Powerdot. Here's what you need to know.



What's It All About?

Powerdot is a muscle stimulator, cleared by the FDA. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to activate your muscles - helping you recover faster, and reduce cramping.

It works by sending electrical impulses to your muscles, making them contract. The electrical impulses work to improve circulation to the targeted muscles, reduce tension, and improve recovery times. Ultimately, they help you get stronger, faster.

Using the device couldn't be simpler. You just need to download the Powerdot app onto your phone, which controls the pods via bluetooth. You use the app to select the muscle groups you want to target, following the instructions for where you should place the pods. The app takes care of the rest, activating your muscles and taking your recovery to the next level.


Why Powerdot?

EMS is a tried and tested technique, used by professional athletes in a variety of sports. Powerdot have developed, and priced, a product to make the benefits of EMS accessible to you at home.

The device itself is compact and light, which makes it easy for you to take on the road to use anywhere. It's compatible with most Android phones, and any iPhone from the iPhone 5 - and works via bluetooth to target your chosen muscle group.


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