Today's blog comes from Kitbox ambassador, and nutrition expert Lindsey Benson. Keep reading to find out her top tips for staying on top of your nutrition during the Open.



Your performance in this workout is directly influenced by how well your body has recovered from your last WOD. Nutrition throughout the Open is important for performance during the WOD, recovery and future performance. 

With the 2016 Open underway, we need to talk about Pre- and Post-WOD nutrition. Remember, food is our fuel - and just as important as training itself. 

Think sensibly. Each workout has its own unique nutritional requirements. The requirements for the 20min AMRAP of 16.1 are different from those for 16.2.

Here are some quick tips for optimal workout nutrition:


1. Have a Solid Meal Pre-Workout

You should have a solid meal 30-90 minutes prior to the workout - with mild carbohydrates, and high protein.


2. Have a Shake or Snack Just Before

If you eat within 30-60 minutes prior to the WOD, have a shake for faster digestion - or a small snack 1-2 hours before. The snack should contain 250 to 350 calories, with roughly 60% from non-sucrose carbohydrates. 


3. Eat the Right Amount of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are your main energy source. Your body uses these to fuel movement, but keep these in moderation. Be mindful not to over consume, and become bloated and sluggish.


4. Don't Ignore Your Macros

Eat a good amount of protein, and a small portion of fats.


5. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a killer for health and performance. 


6. Eat ASAP

Get your post-workout feed as soon as possible. Between 15 and 30 minutes afterwards is considered the 'magical' time. This is when muscle recovery and replenishment of vital glycogen stores occurs most efficiently. 

Shakes are good, because they're quick, easy and absorbed rapidly. 

For a good recovery drink, make sure you're getting fast-digesting carbohydrates with a little protein as soon as possible. Chocolate milk is a good example!

Your recovery meal should include:

  • Carbohydrates to restore glycogen stores,
  • Sufficient amount of protein to help with muscle recovery (broken down into the key amino acids during digestion, aiding muscle protein synthesis and dampening breakdown)


7. Be Prepared

The Open is here, and meal prep is key. 

Set yourself a reminder to pack pre- and post- WOD meals to fuel your body effectively. 

You've done all the hard work in the months training up to the open, and given it your all during the workouts... Now it's time to focus on food.


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