Today marks the first day of Lent. That one day of the year, when everyone pledges to give up chocolate, beer or Facebook.

Do you fancy doing things a bit differently this year? Why not use Lent as an excuse to make some gains on your WOD times?

We've put together a list of 50 things you should give up to get more from your time in the box. Can you relate to any of them?

  1. Doubting yourself. You CAN do this. The first step in succeeding is believing you can do it. 

  2. Being a whiteboard warrior.

  3. Getting all evangelistic about the Paleo diet. No one cares. Just shut up and squat.

  4. Having a little nap at the bottom of each burpee.

  5. Cherry-picking.  

  6. Starting a new program every week. Decide what you're doing, and stick with it.

  7. Brushing off your six-month-long injury as "just a little niggle".

  8. Lack of spatial awareness. Give your training buddies space to lift, and - if you can - stay out of their direct line of sight, too.

  9. Refusing to scale. Ditch the ego. It's safer, and you'll probably progress faster too.
  10. Ignoring your foam roller. 

  11. Making people laugh when they have Annie abs. It's mean, and karma will get ya.

  12. Letting yourself get away with dodgy reps when you think no one's looking.

  13. Ignoring your coach's advice. 

  14. Cutting carbs, then complaining about your lack of energy. Shut up and eat a potato.

  15. Talking yourself out of it before you've even finished getting out the equipment.

  16. Being afraid to fail. 

  17. Not keeping track of your numbers.

  18. Bleeding all over the equipment. Not cool. Take a rain check and clean yourself up.

  19. Trying to fit into jeans made for people with regular sized quads.

  20. Skipping the warm up.

  21. Paying too much attention to everyone else. There's a time and a place to be competitive, but that doesn't need to be during every WOD. Focus on your own performance.

  22. Bringing your outside issues into the box. This is time to put your phone away and switch off from the real world.

  23. Thinking too much. Sometimes you've just got to switch off and get the job done.

  24.  Leaving your equipment all over the place. This isn't a globo gym.

  25. Not squatting below parallel.  

  26. Thinking skill sessions are a waste of time.

  27. Refusing to see the world outside the box. Make time to try new sports regularly.

  28. Writing your own version of the WOD because you "don't do running".

  29. Being impatient. Some months you'll get all the PBs, some you'll get none. It's just how it works.

  30. Not taking enough rest days.

  31. Taking too many rest days. 

  32. Thinking it's all about training weaknesses. Make time to do the stuff you're good at, and own it.

  33. Using your injury as an excuse to skip workouts. Unless it's a major injury, you can probably work round it. Listen to your coach's advice.

  34. Allowing bro reps when you're judging your training buddy.

  35. Compromising your form for intensity.

  36. Making excuses. You're responsible for your own progress. Be accountable.

  37. Shaming your members on Facebook. Likes for burpees? Yawn.

  38. Relying on supplements to push you through a WOD. Supplements have their place, but they can't make up for a lack of commitment.

  39. Being too hard on yourself. We all have bad training days - cut yourself some slack.

  40. 'Coaching' your training buddies when you're not qualified to do so. 

  41. Putting everything off until "next Monday". What's wrong with now?

  42. Pretending you don't need sleep to recover properly. You do.

  43. Downplaying the importance of good nutrition. It does matter, and you can't out-train a bad diet.

  44.  Not setting yourself any goals. How will you know you're making progress, if you don't have something to work towards?

  45. Setting unrealistic goals that force you to push beyond what you're capable of. Know your limits.

  46. Setting goals that don't challenge you. Unless you're happy underperforming.

  47. Ignoring your mobility issues. 

  48. Neglecting your hands.

  49. Getting all het up about people that put lies on the whiteboard. As long as you've got your own integrity, that's all that matters.

  50. Taking training too seriously. It's supposed to be fun, so enjoy it!


Are you giving up anything for Lent? Let us know!

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