Now the dust has settled after this year's Open, it's time to look ahead to Regionals. As always, the Open workouts were tough and the competition was fierce - so how did the Brits get on?

This year, no less than fifteen British athletes finished the Open in a qualifying position for the next stage. A few more sneaked through as others opted for a team spot, claiming their space at the Meridian Regionals to be held in Madrid later this month.

Here are some of our highlights...



Sam Briggs

This year, Samantha Briggs is back in Europe - and we’re happy to have her!  Sam finished at the top of the European leaderboard - placing first in three of the workouts, two of which she came out on top worldwide.  Nothing is ever a sure thing when it comes to Regionals (2014, anybody?!) but we’re looking forward watching Sam fight her way to her sixth trip to California.


Steven Fawcett

An eighth place finish for Crossfit JST’s Steve Fawcett secured his spot in Madrid.  He debuted at the Games last year, and we’re sure he’ll be fighting to make it two years running.  


Phil Hesketh

Hidden away in the Middle East are a raft of UK athletes. Leading the charge is none other than InnerFight’s Phil Hesketh.  Along with Steve, Phil made it to the 2015 Games and he’ll no doubt be looking to do the double.  


Emma McQuaid

Emma, from Crossfit 8020 in Belfast, has propelled herself up the ranks since her first appearance in the Open in 2014. She's qualified in the top ten for the second year running.


Reebok CrossFit Tyneside

Our Box of the Month, Reebok CrossFit Tyneside gifts us two athletes this year.  Jordan “The Hobbit” Wallace and Megan Lovegrove are no strangers to the competition floor, and return as individuals in 2016.


Its exciting to see the list of British talent get longer and longer. There's an ever increasing talent pool in the Meridian Region, so it gets harder to grab a qualifying spot each year.  Congratulations to everybody that made the cut, we’ll be shouting you on loud and proud!

For those of you watching from home, here's the full list of names you need to be looking out for:

  • Samantha Briggs
  • Steve Fawcett
  • Phil Hesketh
  • Emma McQuaid
  • Jordan Wallace
  • Megan Lovegrove
  • Elliot Simmonds
  • Laura Hughes
  • Jo Caulton
  • Jayne Eadie
  • Aneta Saulichova
  • Lucy Majury
  • Fran Calvert
  • Laura Faulkner
  • Kate McCall
  • Alec Harwood
  • Mitchell Adams
  • Charlotte Spence
  • Gwendolin Sona
  • David Shorunke (competing with Nordic Opex)
  • Jak Cornthwaite
  • CrossFit East Kilbride
  • 8020 Black
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