To make the most of the summer weather, we thought we'd share some Outside the Box WODs that you can do anywhere, with minimal equipment. Today's WOD comes from Stuart Trees, one of the owners of this month's Box of the Month, CrossFit West Yorkshire. All you need is a timer, two jumpers, a water bottle (it's going to get gassy!) and a big smile!


For time:

  • 1-10 tuck jump air squats (TJAS),
  • 10-1 hand release double push up down ups (DPUDU),
  • 15m shuttle run between sets.

Set your markers (the jumpers) 15m apart. Starting at Jumper A, perform 1 TJAS. Run to Jumper B, and perform 10 DPUDU. Run back to A and perform 2 TJAS, before running to B to do 9 DPUDU. Keep going, until you've finished your last set of 10 TJAS and 1 DPUDU.  Capiche?

Movements and Scaling Options

Tuck Jump Air Squat

Perform an air squat, with your weight on your heels, knees tracking over your toes, and your chest up, until your hips break parallel. Drive out of the bottom using explosive force into a jump. Whilst in the air, tuck your knees to your chest and land stood upright, with your hips, knees and shoulders in line.

Scaling option: Air Squat

Double Push Up Down Ups (Hand Release)

Start in an upright position, with your shoulders knees and hips inline. Drop to the floor, so you're laying flat - making sure your chest and thighs are touching the floor. Release your hands, then push up on your hands and toes - keeping your hips inline - until your elbows are locked out. Repeat the movement, but this time jump your feet towards your hands, finishing in an upright position.

Scaling option: Push up on knees and down and up, or walk your feet in and out.


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