Even in the most relaxed and friendly boxes, there are some rules that should never be broken. Here are 10 things you should ALWAYS do, no matter where you train:

1. Respect the Equipment

Your coaches have invested heavily in the equipment for you to enjoy, so show it some respect. Don't throw it around or drop it, just because you can. Only drop the bar when you need to, as a last resort or when your safety depends on it. Don't do it simply because you're too lazy to lower it properly.

2. Put Your Stuff Away

As well as taking care of the equipment when you're using it, make sure you always put it away when you're done. The same rule applies to bodily fluids - nobody wants to find your blood, sweat or tears (we've all been there!) on the barbell. Clean. It. Up!

3. Listen to Your Coaches

If you don't want to be coached, you're in the wrong place. Even when you disagree with their methods, your coaches always have your best interests at heart. If they tell you to scale a workout, scale it. If they encourage you to go heavier, put more weight on the bar. You're paying for their advice, so take it!

4. If You're Not a Coach, Don't Coach

You're there to train, not coach, so focus on doing your own thing. Unless someone asks you to spot for them, critique their form, or otherwise requests your help, your advice is probably unwelcome. Don't be that guy!

Ignore this rule if you see something dangerous going down - your coaches can't keep their eyes on everyone, all of the time - we all have a responsibility to ensure safety in the box. 

5. Respect Personal Space

Personal space should be respected at the best of times, but it's even more important in the box. Don't try to squeeze past someone when they're lifting or mid-WOD. It's annoying and distracting for the person lifting, but it can be dangerous too. 

Be mindful. Stay out of their way (and eye-line!) - at least until they've finished their set.

6. Be Accountable

Your coaches can only do so much. Whilst they'll take care of the programming and class structure, you need to commit to putting in the effort required to get results.

Each time you walk into the box, make a conscious decision to stay focused and work hard. Arrive early, pay attention, make smart choices, and rest when you need to.

7. Leave Your Ego at Home

The box is a place for you to flex your muscles, not your ego. No one cares how fast or strong you are - just that you worked hard. Don't be a whiteboard warrior. Don't cheat. Don't sacrifice form for more reps.

8. Be a Team Player

What's the best thing about your box? It doesn't matter who you ask, the answer to this question tends to be the same: the community

Get involved! Introduce yourself to new members, wait for everyone to finish a WOD before putting away your equipment, and cheer on the people who finish after you. Give your training buddies that extra push they need, and they'll do the same for you.

9. Know When to Scale

There's no shame in scaling and, as much as you'll want to RX each WOD, it's important you know when to scale. Each workout is programmed with a particular outcome in mind. If the goal is maximum intensity, it doesn't always make sense to go super heavy. 

Take Grace, for example. You might be able to perform 30 clean and jerks at the prescribed weight, with good form - but how long does it take you? If it takes longer than 10 minutes, it's unlikely you'll be reaching the correct intensity - so you won't get maximum benefit from the workout.

If you're unsure about the desired intensity of a workout, ask your coach - then scale accordingly.

10. Have Fun!

The last rule's an important one: enjoy yourself! 

Have fun, don't take yourself too seriously, and make some new friends.


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