RooGrips Fingerless Leather Gymnastic Grips Black

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Based on a high demand we have created Fingerless grips just for you. 

Fingerless aka no holes grips provide the ease of transitioning from a skill where you need the grips, such as muscle ups, to one where you prefer to go barehanded. The fingerless grips will save time by not having to take the grips off your fingers;  & we have made it super easy for you with a simple elastic on the strap of the grip so you can tuck your grip in between movements.

RooGrips fingerless grips act like a flexible second layer of protective skin—preventing cuts and abrasions to the hands and palms during high-intensity weight training. From pull-ups and muscle-ups to deadlifts and kettlebell swings, these comfortable Kangaroo Leather hand grips offer the unique combination of light, slim-cut design with next-level strength and durability. Protected hands = less recovery time = more time in the gym getting stronger.

Kangaroo Leather, aka K-Leather, is widely trusted in the sporting goods industry as the premier choice for high-performance technical leather. 

The real difference between RooGrips and the other no-hole grips; is how we treat our leather prior to manufacturing. This puts our leather grips in their own league.

Extra Grip
This provides grips with a ‘sticky’ grip in wet or dry conditions. In fact the wetter the conditions the more it grips. Combining this with our special embossed texture for the ultimate grip irrespective of the conditions.
Abrasion Resistance  
A novel nano-technology that provides high abrasion resistance. It bonds permanently to the leather to enhance the life of the product and yet does not affect colour, performance, softness or feel.
Anti-microbial Protection
A revolutionary anti-microbial that prevents odour and disease causing microbes from building up on the leather. This will withstand repeated washing and provide permanent freshness. 
Aqua Shield 
Developed for military and outdoor footwear this provides water resistance whilst maintaining high levels of breathability and enhanced moisture management properties. Under extreme conditions there is less than 10% uptake of moisture.

All of our leather is laboratory tested prior to manufacturing. The leather is subjected to tests for various technical properties such as strength, water resistance, moisture management, grip and more.

Size Chart: Here is a tip for picking the perfect size. Measure from the crease of your wrist to under your middle finger. If it is:

  • 8.6-10cm - Small
  • >10-12cm - Medium
  • 12-13cm - Large
  • 13> - X-Large (has a larger wrist strap)
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