Sweat in your eyes is not cool, neither is stopping mid-WOD to wipe yourself down when you simply don't have the time. Fortunately, Junk headbands will keep the sweat off your face, and make you look like an absolute boss.

Made from a cool, breathable t-shirt material, choose from bold, patriotic flag designs or discreet ninja black sweat trappers.

KITBOX is really excited to have Junk on board, and we're certain you'll love these amazing headbands.
22 results
Junk Refresher Head Band
Junk OD Green Head Band
Junk Candy Apple Head Band
Junk Snow Day Head Band
Junk Delta Force Head Band
Sold Out
Junk Coldsnap Head Band
Junk Northern Lights Head Band
Junk Mandala Head Band
Junk Leo Pard Head Band
Junk Rampage Head Band
Junk Night Drive Head Band
Junk Boca Head Band
Junk Texture Tantrum Head Band
Junk Psychadelic Smack Neck Gaiter
Junk Rampage Neck Gaiter
Junk Enchanted Aurora Neck Gaiter
Junk Masked Up Tom Headband
Junk Collapse Into Fall Headband
Junk Vivid Lights Thin Headband
Junk Mahi Mahi Thin Headband
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Junk Smudged Spots Headband
Junk Orion Floral Headband
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