In our last blog post, we shared our ambassador Rhian's advice for dropping into other boxes when you're on the road. But sometimes, it just isn't practical to get to the box - and you need something you can get done quickly. Whether you're in your hotel room, a park, or a traditional gym - here are 10 WODs you can do in 10 minutes or less.



1. Annie

Out of all the girls, this is one of the best when equipment is lacking - all you need is your skipping rope!

For time:
Double Unders

This is designed to be a fast workout. Pace yourself through the high rep rounds, so you can keep a consistent pace, then push yourself with speed on the last few rounds. 

Elite athletes have been known to smash this in less than four minutes but, as a general rule, you should be able to get this under 10 minutes, whatever your level. If you struggle with unbroken double unders, it's better to scale to singles - and double the reps.


2. Short Cindy

When performed RX, Cindy is a 20 minute AMRAP - but you can scale this back to 10 minutes and still get an awesome workout. As long as you've got somewhere to do the pull ups, you're good to go.

10 minute AMRAP:
5 Pull Ups
10 Press Ups
15 Squats

The full workout requires a steady pace. Cutting it down to 10 minutes means you can push a little harder, and minimise any rest between rounds. If you're in a traditional gym, and need to scale the workout, try substituting the pull ups for TRX rows.

3. Open Workout - 12.1

Everyone's favourite WOD of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open takes just 7 minutes, and can be done with no equipment.

Complete as many reps as possible, in 7 minutes, of... Burpees!

Scott Panchick and Kristan Cleaver topped the leadboard for this WOD in 2012, with 161 and 143 reps. How do you compare?


4. 8 Minute AMRAP

Another WOD you can do from anywhere - even your hotel room. You don't need equipment to get a decent workout.

8 minute AMRAP:
10 Burpees
15 Squats
20 Sit Ups


5. 1000m Row

The equipment available in hotel gyms is often lacking - but you can almost always guarantee a couple of rowers.

The 1000m row is a great benchmark to test every now and again. It's in that grey area between sprint and endurance. If you want to get a decent time, you need to get that balance spot on. 

The workout itself is pretty short - but make sure you take some time to warm up properly.


6. Open Workout 14.1

If you have access to a barbell, the first workout from the 2014 CrossFit Games Open is always a good challenge when you're short on time.

10 minute AMRAP:
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches

The power snatches in this workout are light - at 35kg for the men, and 25kg for the women. If that feels heavy, scale it - you need to be working through them quickly, safely and efficiently to get the most from this WOD.

This one is all about the engine - so find a pace you can maintain for the 10 minutes, and try to minimise any resting between rounds. Sam Briggs nailed this back in 2014, with 10 full rounds and 22 double unders.



7. Fran

We weren't sure whether to include this in our list, as it often takes people longer than 10 minutes to complete this demanding WOD. 

For time:
Thrusters (30/45kg)
Pull Ups

In this workout, intensity is important. It's supposed to be short, fast and intense. If you're struggling through the WOD, and it's taking you a long time, you're probably not getting the intended benefit.

Instead, try scaling the movements to push through it faster. Decrease the load on the bar, or scale your pull ups - whatever your sticking point is. Enjoy the Fran lung!

We wrote a whole post about this a while ago, check it out here:
WOD in Focus: How to Improve Your Fran Time


8. Go For a Walk

OK - so this isn't a WOD, but if you're really struggling to get a workout in - just get outside and do something! Take a recovery day and go for a walk, or spend some time on your mobility instead.

You don't have to smash a workout every single day to get results. In fact, if you are training every day - with no recovery in between - it could be detrimental to your progress.
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