Ever wondered how to go about training in a box that isn't your own? Kitbox ambassador, Rhian Pearson, has put together this guide to box drop-ins to help you out!


Planning a holiday or work trip away, but don't want to miss out on your training fix whilst you're away? Here are some tips on how to make the most of your training away from home.



1. Find a Box

There are two ways to do this:

a) Look up all the CrossFit affiliated boxes on map.crossfit.com. This will tell you the names and locations of all the boxes in the country or town you are visiting. 

b) Ask for recommendations. Ask friends on FB or at your gym. There will always be somebody who knows somebody that's been to a box where you're visiting. 


2. Book In

Just like your home box, the box you're visiting will need to know numbers for their classes. So make sure you contact them ahead of time.

To do this, go on their Facebook page or website to find out their schedule, and cost for the session. Next, just send them a message asking if you can join in. 

Most boxes offer open gym during the daytime - and some in the evening if they are big enough. Unless you have a strict program to follow, I always recommend joining in with a class if you can. It's great fun meeting people who share your passion for the sport.

Usually, as a drop-in, they will ask for at least 6 months experience - this is to allow the class to run smoothly. 


3. Arrival

Always arrive with plenty of time to spare before class so you can introduce yourself, have a chat and find your bearings. You don't want to be that one that gets a burpee fine for being late on your first visit!



4. Workout

For the workout, relish the experience of being coached by a someone different. Don't be that one that says, "we don't do that in my gym" - or, "that's not how I normally do it".

Absorb the new way of training - the new ideas, cues for your lifts that might change your live, and drills you've never heard of before. Take as much as you can away from the experience!


5. Enjoy It!

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the experience! Smile, laugh, high five everyone (even if they don't normally do it), offer hugs (maybe that's just me!) and - if someone has inspired you - take down their Instagram name so you can keep in touch and follow their progress. 


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Frenchi CF BURY said:

Good post. I would also suggest to buy one of the box t-shirt as a great memory for your future WODs.

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