Picsil Golden Eagle Gymnastic Grips Purple

By Picsil


Grips without holes with 'Micro Diamonds' technology enhanced with a double extrusion of micro dots for extreme grip. The surface covering the wrist has a velcro and a wider buckle for a stronger, reinforced and ultra-resistant grip. Maximum protection, strength, lightness and durability. Patented design and material.

The new generation of Eagle Grips.

* Designed and manufactured in Spain

Technical Characteristics 

0.13 kilograms.
Thickness of 1.8 mm.

Product care 

  • Do not wash
  • If they are sweaty or wet, let them dry.
  • Keep outdoors. You can hang them on your backpack. 

Environmental Benefits 

100% vegan. Ecological fabric. 

Hand Measurement  Size
< 10.5cm G (S / M)
> 10.5cm G+ (L / XL / 2XL)