Roman Shares his Number One Recovery Secret heading into Crossfit Games 2023

You roll out of bed and the first thought that pops into your head is: “Oh shit. How am I going to be able to compete today?”
It’s a thought any CrossFit athlete who has competed in a multi-day competition has likely had at one point in time when they have woken up way more sore from the previous day of competition than they ever imagined they would be. So they hit the foam roller, lacrosse ball and airbike, hoping and praying their sore muscles will loosen up before they have to find a way to do squat snatches and muscle-ups in the first event of the day. 
Yes, CrossFit is about being as fit as possible, but when it comes to competition, it’s all about recovery.
And who better to corroborate that statement than the second fittest man on the planet, Roman Khrennikov. (In case you don’t remember, Khrennikov started the final day of competition at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games with an event win, followed that up with a sixth place finish, and ended the competition with a second place performance, clinching his podium finish. So, it’s safe to say his recovery must have been on point).
Khrennikov’s secret recovery sauce? Unbroken.
Khrennikov’s manager Snorri Baron first introduced him to Unbroken RTR after his other athletes Sara Sigmundsdottir and Bjorgvin Karl Gudmunsson raved about the product. 
“So I gave it a try,” Khrennikov said. He noticed the benefits right away.
“The first time I ever took Unbroken was in Ireland during the Filthy 150 competition in 2019 and I instantly felt the effect. I just felt great the next day, and fast recovery,” he explained. 
So he began taking two tablets before going to bed, and today he has increased that to four tablets a day, usually two after each training session.
“And during competition days, I take two tablets immediately after every event,” he said, adding that he’s always recommending the product to his friends and family, as well as other athletes.
He added: “I feel that my recovery is quicker with Unbroken and I feel great during the day. It has 100 percent bettered my performance in CrossFit and my everyday life.”
With the right nutrients at the right time, we can all raise our game, whether we’re out to shatter world records or celebrate personal bests. That’s what fitness means to us. To feel the power of your own body. To trust the process. To keep going.

Undeterred. Unrelenting. Unbroken.
August 03, 2023 — Lucinda Wilson-Smith

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