Since the early 90s, Stance Punk & Poet Kevin Lyons has been an icon within the streetwear scene by way of illustrator, designer and creative director. Through his diverse talents and creative originality, he has partnered with brands that range from high fashion to complete underground. 

“There is a little bit of me in every monster I create”. Creative director, de- signer, illustrator, and artist Kevin Lyons in uence goes beyond his impressive resume.

The Brooklyn artist was a heavyweight in uencer of the early street-art and street-wear scene in the 90’s, one of the few who managed to create a space for themselves at the cross-section of art and fashion. He has traveled and shown his work around the world but holds his Brooklyn roots closest to his heart.

Growing up in a diverse city that is always changing has inspired the most creative work in his portfolio. We’re honored to be taken through his favorite memories and haunts in a city that, much like the man himself, has it’s own unique and evolving soul.

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September 05, 2017 — KITBOX [ ]

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