"I started this company out of a need for reliability in my gym clothes. I like fun stuff but I found myself constantly sorting out my clothing and outfits by the pieces I could wear for certain types of training. I just had too many days where I was wishing I had worn something else that required less thought. I feel self conscious enough as it is at the gym and during competition. I need to feel confident and secure in my clothes."
– Kat Leone, Founder of Vull Sport



We know how important it is for you to feel good when you walk into the box. But let's not forget why you're there in the first place - to get some serious training done!

Fashion is important - but you also need to make sure what you're wearing is functional. As well as looking good, your clothing needs to get the job done.

That's where our latest product range, from Vull Sport, comes in!


Who are Vull Sport?

Vull Sport is an apparel brand started by 4x CrossFit Games Regional athlete, Kat Leone.

She got tired showing up to the box in clothes that weren't helping her get the most from her workouts. She was there to train - not constantly rearrange her outfit!

The Vull Sport clothes will handle whatever WODs you throw at them. Tested by some of the fittest athletes in the sport, they're designed to be completely functional - but still look awesome.


The Products

High impact, double lined sports bras - with a no slip design, so you can wear them for hours of training without having to adjust them constantly. 

Low rise, lined WOD shorts that can withstand hours of high intensity training.

The Vull Sport products speak for themselves. Check them out below:



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