It's week four of this year's Open and, for those of us who competed last year, we have an opportunity to see how far we've progressed in the last 12 months. Because 17.4 is a repeat of 16.4!

This workout is a gruelling 13 minute test of:

  • 55 deadlifts,
  • 55 wall ball shots,
  • 55 calorie row,
  • 55 handstand pushups.

The RX weights are:

Men: 225lb deadlifts & 20lb wall balls to a 10ft target.

Women: 155lb deadlifts & 14lb wall balls to a 9ft target.



Whether you're doing it RX or scaled, if it's your first time hitting this workout, you can expect to take a long, dark trip into the pain cave. 

Take a look at our post from last year to get our original advice - it all still applies!

Here's some extra pointers to help you survive this year:


Fire Up Your Posterior Chain

Underestimate this workout at your peril! It's going to test everything - especially your hamstrings, glutes and lower back.

The last thing you need is to lose time through failed reps, so make sure you've spent plenty of time getting everything warm, switched on, and firing efficiently.


Find Your Pace

Don't shoot out of the gate like a demon, or the deadlifts will break you before you've even started. Find an intensity you can hold consistently for the full 13 minutes.

Expect to break the reps for the deadlifts and wall balls to a manageable level. You don't want to be pushing so hard you find yourself standing still trying to recover, or you'll waste precious seconds.


Fuel the Engine

Thirteen minutes is a long time, so make sure you've prepared your body for the task. Eating and drinking right will make a difference to your performance. You don't want to hit the row to find you've got nothing left, and slow to a snail's pace.


Don't be Reckless

Whilst the Open is a time to test yourself, it's not an excuse to abandon all sense and take unnecessary risks.

Smashing through the deadlifts with poor form, or landing heavy on your head during the HSPUs is a sure fire way to injure yourself - and we still have another week left! Don't break yourself so close to the finish line.


Good luck to everyone with this hellish workout. To those who've experienced it once before, get out there & smash your 2016 score! 👊🏼

March 17, 2017 — KITBOX [ ]

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