We've made it. It's the final week of the CrossFit Games Open series - and it feels like a long time since that first workout back in February. This week, there's nothing complicated or fancy. Just a good, old-fashioned couplet, which you're going to have to complete as fast as possible.



17.5 is...

10 Rounds for Time
9 thrusters,
35 double unders.
RX weight: 95lb for men, 65lb for women.


This workout will tax your brain as much as your body - so having the right plan will help you get through it in the quickest time possible.


Make sure you get warm - really warm!

Ankles, knees, hips, thoracic spine, wrists... Head, shoulders, knees and toes! The combination of thrusters and double unders is going to get spicy, so make sure you've spent time warming up thoroughly to avoid any injuries.


We've mentioned pacing before, right?

The ones that look easiest on paper are (almost) always the ones that will nail you to the wall. There are a lot of reps in 17.5, so attacking this at full throttle from the start will have you gasping for breath within a few rounds.

Find a pace you can work to consistently and, if things are feeling good, make sure you kick it up a gear. Avoid tripping up on those double unders - they'll cost you precious seconds.



Try your best to stay relaxed in this WOD, especially on the double unders. Tensing up will burn your forearms fast!

Keep your head too. Losing your rhythm on double unders is infuriating. The more frustrated you become, the worse things get. If you trip, take a second, compose yourself, and go again. It's better to nail a good run than angrily stumble over pairs of double unders and waste time.


Nail those thrusters

The thrusters have the potential to cause problems if you're not executing properly. You're going to get gassed as it is, so don't waste vital energy through bad form.

Check out this post from CrossFit Invictus for some tips on how to make thrusters your best friend.


The 2017 Open is done. Whether you made it to Regionals, found your first muscle up, or PB'd your snatch - give yourself a high five because you earned it. 🖐🏻

The competition doesn't have to stop there. If the Open has given you a taste for hitting the competition floor, why not check out the competitions held around the country, catering to all ability levels. We'd love to see you there!

March 24, 2017 — KITBOX [ ]

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