16.4 is here - and it's a bit of a beast! A 13 minute AMRAP (or, for many of us, a chipper):

55 deadlifts,
55 wall-ball shots,
55-calorie row,
55 handstand push-ups.

The RX weight on the deadlifts is 225lb (approx. 102.5kg) for the men, and 115lb (just over 70kg) for the women. 

This WOD is about as tactical as it gets. It packs a lot into 13 minutes. The deadlifts might not seem heavy on the face of it, but you're going to be feeling it after 55 reps. Your CNS is going to take a beating on the first movement - then you have the wall balls to contend with. 

Regardless of your ability, it's a lot to ask from your body. It's testing everything: balance, engine, resilience, accuracy and form. 


16.4 Workout Strategy & Tips

Here are three tips to help you get the most from this WOD:


Use Your Common Sense.

Before you start getting your equipment out, ask yourself this very important question:

Can you complete 55 deadlifts at the prescribed weight, with good form?

If the answer is "no", scale the workout. I'm sure we've all sacrificed our form during the Open at some point - but this WOD isn't the time to do so.

Whatever weight you choose, stay mindful of your form. Engage those glutes, and keep your midline tight!


Figure Out Your Game Plan

You also need to think about how you're going to complete the deadlifts - and the rest of the movements. What's your game plan?

This is most important for the deadlifts. It's unlikely you're going to be able to pull 55 of them in one go. Break them into manageable sets from the start. This will help you maintain a safe, but challenging, pace throughout.


Accuracy is Everything

One of the biggest mistakes you could make here: poor accuracy on the wall balls. If you don't hit that target, you're going to be wasting energy and building frustration.

Each rep has to be calculated and precise. Be intelligent with your rest. Don't use it as an excuse to stare at the clock, but don't power on through if you're not getting the ball high enough. Stop, take a breath, then push on.

If you make it to the handstand press ups, the same rule applies. Make every rep count - and rest when you need to. Try not to go to failure. It's hard to come back from there, physically and psychologically - so keep it manageable.


16.4 Recovery

One this is certain with this workout: you're going to need a solid recovery plan!

Keep yourself hydrated after workout, and make sure your body's getting everything it needs in terms of your post-WOD nutrition.

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