This month's Brand of the Month is 2XU ("Two Times You") - a compression brand that was launched in Australia, back in 2005.

Popular with many world class athletes and professional sports teams, they create awesome products that everyone - whether professional or amateur - can benefit from.

Why Wear Compression Gear?

In the world of functional fitness, wearing the right kit when you train can make a world of difference to your performance. There are many reasons to invest in compression gear - and they tend to fall into one of two categories...

1. Compression Gear to Improve Performance

Compression gear gets to work as soon as you begin to warm up. The design of the clothing increases blood flow to the muscles, which helps you warm up faster - and more efficiently. Not only does this prepare you for the workout that lies ahead, but it can also reduce your risk of injury.

As the workout progresses, the compression supports your muscles, and the increased blood flow may keep fatigue at bay for longer - helping you push your WOD performance even further.

 2. Compression Gear to Aid Recovery

The benefits of compression aren't limited to the box. As the clothing improves circulation, it can reduce the accumulation of blood lactate - reducing any swelling and helping your muscles repair faster.

There's also compelling evidence to suggest it can help reduce post-workout soreness. In research carried out by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), perceived leg-muscle soreness was monitored following a 30 minute of exercise. Following the recovery period, the perceived muscle soreness was significantly lower in the group wearing 2XU compression tights, compared to the control group.


Why 2XU?

There are plenty of compression brands out there, so why should you choose 2XU?

One of the most compelling reasons is they design and test their products with respected universities and sports scientists. This ensures that everything they create is based on the latest research - and tested by people who know exactly what they're looking for.

They have a range of products - each developed to meet a slightly different need. For the functional fitness athlete, attacking daily WODs, they have their Elite range - offering the most advanced compression technology, for unrivalled support, performance and recovery.

Despite their technical capabilities, 2XU don't forget who they're creating the products for - people who need to move. They provide a high level of support and compression, without restricting movement or comfort.


The Range

Ready to give 2XU a try? Here are a few of our highlights from their range on KITBOX. 


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