Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is now live. It's time to decide whether you'll be taking part.

Anticipation's in the air, and the UK's elite athletes are gearing up for a challenging few weeks. 

Since the combination of the European and African regions, it's been tougher than ever. Competition for a spot at Regionals is fierce, and we can't wait to see who will make it this time round.

That isn't what this post is about, though. We'll save our predictions for another day.

This about the divide in opinion that always becomes clear at this time of year, and the question on everyone's mind:


Is The CrossFit Games Open For Me?

In other words, should the 'Average Joe' be taking part?

Some people seem to think participation should be mandatory for anyone with a decent enough grasp of the basics.

Others argue against this, suggesting only those with a realistic shot at grabbing a Regionals spot should enter.

The beauty of the Open is that anyone can enter. It's for everyone. It always has been, and hopefully that's the way it will stay.

That doesn't mean everyone will be able to complete every single workout. But that's what the sport's about, right? Getting out of your comfort zone, and seeing how far you can take it.

So, is the Open for you?

Ultimately, you're the only person who can answer that question.

The Open is for everyone, regardless of ability - but the decision is a personal one. It's a choice you need to make, and one that you shouldn't need to justify or explain.

That said, there are a couple of things you should ask yourself when making your decision...


Are you injured?

If you have an injury that's preventing you from training, you probably shouldn't take part.

If you're recovering from an injury, and decide you'd like to get involved, work with your coach to ensure you can work around the issue.

This might mean you don't complete every workout RX. But isn't your recovery more important than submitting a score on the leaderboard? We think so.


Are you confident enough?

A lack of confidence is one of the biggest reasons people give for not taking part.

We're in two minds about this.

On one hand, there's not much point entering the Open unless you're going to approach it with confidence.

If you've already written it off in your mind, are you going to gain much from the experience?

But on the other, amazing things happen during the Open. It might just give you the confidence boost you need to take your training up a level.

Remember how upset everyone was when double unders came up in 14.1? For years, people had been under the illusion the first WOD would be all inclusive.

It wasn't in 2014, and people didn't like it.

What about members coaches had persuaded to enter, despite the fact they didn't have these movements yet?

Well, many of those members still had a go, and guess what? Loads of them got their first ever double unders that day.

Yeah, they might have ranked low on the scoreboard. But that didn't matter. They'd achieved something awesome, and they were proud of it!

If you decide to enter the Open, go after it with everything you've got. You might need to scale some movements, for your own safety, but you can still push yourself. 


Are you good enough?

This is a trick question. You might be asking yourself this, but you shouldn't be.

You are good enough, right now. We all are.

It doesn't matter that you might need to scale some of the WODs. The CrossFit Games Open is about embracing the community spirit, throwing down with your training buddies, and celebrating your progress and achievements.

Sure, for some of us it's about challenging the elite for a spot at Regionals - but not all of us.

This quote from the official CrossFit Games website says it all:

"For most people the Open is not about trying to earn a title or qualify for the next stage of the CrossFit Games season. It's about joining the global CrossFit community in a celebration of fitness for a few weeks each year. To connect to others in your box as well as those a world apart through the experience of suffering through the same workout at the same time. It lets you revel at the strength and skills you've developed over the past year, and learn what you need to improve."


What do you think? Will you be getting involved this year? 

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