With only a few days until the fat man rocks up, it's time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Can you think of anything better than a festive WOD? We didn't think so.

The 12 Days of Christmas WOD has been going for a few years now, and many boxes now have their own version. This year, we've decided to get involved!

Sticking with our 'Outside the Box' theme, our version needs minimal equipment. You just need yourself, a kettlebell and a skipping rope. 

It's perfect for those reduced opening hours over Christmas - earn those mince pies without even leaving your house!


For time, complete the following pyramid:

1 Turkish Get-Up
2 Wall Climbs
3 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 
4 Squat Jumps
5 Plyo Lunges
6 Goblet Squats
7 Burpees
8 KB Clean and Jerks
9 KB Swings
10 Double Unders
11 Sit Ups
12 HR press ups


How Does It Work?

If you haven't tried this WOD before, the concept is exactly the same as the song. But, instead of singing, you'll be squatting and skipping.

It's a pyramid workout, completed in ascending order. Your first round consists of only the first movement, for one rep (i.e. one Turkish get-up). In the next round, introduce the second movement (i.e. two wall climbs, one Turkish get-up).

Keep going until you've completed the final round (i.e. 12 hand-release press-ups, 11 sit ups...... 1 Turkish get-up).


Doing the WOD at your box instead? Let us know what's in your version!


Still need to get some last minute shopping done?

The last day to order from us in time for Christmas delivery is the 22nd December - just make sure you ask for Next Day Delivery at the checkout. If you're spending over £60, you get this for free!

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