District L is a new team fitness competition coming to the Lake District on the 20th May 2017. Teams of 6 (3 males, 3 females) will compete over 2 days, in a variety of events, with a semi final and final to determine the victor.  

Here are 6 reasons we think you’d be crazy to miss out:



1. The Location

Ullswater Lake offers the most amazing backdrop to a competition you could ask for. Surrounded by mountains, in the heart of the Lake District. The location couldn’t be more perfect. Green fields, wildlife and absolutely no concrete. Escape the every day madness and enjoy this truly breath taking place.

If you think working out in your box is amazing, imagine working out in this environment at the first event of its kind in The Lakes.


2. The Team Spirit

We all love to workout and see results in our training. We work hard all year round, lifting heavy weights, repping out pull ups, crushing some abs - maybe even throwing some bicep curls in there for the beach! What about a real test of fitness though?

You never truly work hard until someone else is counting on you. It’s easy to give up on yourself and not push, to not go as hard - but when there are five other people relying and counting on you,there’s no excuse.

The only outcome you can accept is giving it everything you’ve got, until you are left in a pile of your own sweat unable to move off the ground. Listening to the voices of your teammates encouraging you as you smash out reps, driving you forward and shouting at you until you finish. 

Being a part of a team is better than any solo venture, so rope in your training partners and get your team involved now.


3. The Challenge

2 days of competition, against some of the fittest people in the country, battling not just other teams - but also all the elements The Lake District has to offer.

The events are designed to test your all round fitness. Your team will be pushed to the breaking points, your bodies will hurt, your mental fortitude will be measured, and you will come out the other side a greater person.

Experience some unusual and extraordinary pieces of kit that will test both your physical capabilities and communication skills. Step outside the normal gym based competition - and embrace the outdoors.  

7 events over the 2 days will test your endurance, strength, power, speed and gymnastic skills. You will be outdoors and exposed to whatever The Lakes throws at you. Whichever team adapts to the events the best will enter a semi final and then go on to the final, where the finalists will earn the right to call themselves champions.


4. The Family Experience

Family time is important, and life is about creating memories - giving kids the opportunity to create adventures and run wild.

District L is situated on a family campsite at Park Foot Caravan Park with loads to do for kids. Bring them along and let them cheer you on. Experiences such a cool event will truly get them excited about fitness and health. They can also explore the outdoors and undergo some thrilling activities with a local activity group specialising in kids. They offer climbing, canoeing, cliff jumping, gyll scrambling and much more. And if you need half a day to yourself they will take them away and you can relax.


5. The Holiday Vibes

Too many people are living stress filled lives; constantly rushing around, struggling to fit in the things they really love doing.

District L offers you the things you love. We all love working out, with our mates and getting out in the fresh air. But what do we do in between? Take a stroll lakeside to the local village and enjoy an ice cream, skim some stones, take the family on a steamer, explore the countryside, see some wildlife, eat some tasty food. The experiences are truly limitless.

Camp out with the family all weekend at Park Foot. Voted the best holiday park in the country and winning all kinds of awards, what better way to spend a weekend? If camping really isn’t your cup of tea, then check out the self catered lodges available and extend the trip for the rest of the week.

To find out more, head on over to the Park Foot website.


6. The Entertainment

The team at District L have a solid vision - they want this to be more than just a fitness competition. They want people to go away, having had an awesome experience.

This is why they've invited local bands to come and play music in the evenings. Chill out after a tough day, and relax in the main tent. Grab some food from the athlete’s village and enjoy the tunes.

During the day between workouts, go check out some of the local products on offer and discover the tastes of Cumbria.

There will be plenty of demos on offer too. Need to improve your trail running? What tips from the best? Our friends at Inov8 will be giving you advice and strategies when taking on a trail. More to be announced soon.

Tickets are priced at £75 per competitor (£450 per team), and spectators are FREE. To make the most of the weekend, camping is £25 for up to three nights, or £10 for kids.

As an added bonus, if you sign up before the end of the year, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a week's stay in a lodge - for the duration of the competition.

Ready to get involved? Check out the District L website for more details - and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date.



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