If you've read our last blog post, and you're ready to stop making excuses, it's time to work on your motivation. Who better to turn to for advice than CrossFit Games athletes? Here are some words of wisdom from our favourites to help keep you inspired:



1. Annie Thorisdottir

"During the hard times, it's important to focus on the things you can change in that moment, instead of what you should have or could have done differently."


You can't change history. Once you've done something, you can't take it back - so what's the point in worrying about it? Errors in competition, a lack of dedication to your training, and avoidable injuries all happen. Make the mistakes, learn from them, and focus on what you can change from this point forward.


2. Jason Khalpia

"It's tough to last without truly being passionate about training."

If you're not enjoying yourself when you're training, it's time to consider the alternatives. When you're passionate about something, it should be relatively easy to stay motivated. If you're struggling to drag yourself into the box regularly, find out why. What do you need to change? Sometimes this is your attitude - try to focus on the process, rather than the end result.


3. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

"When I train, I erase all expectations of what I can do. I am powerful and anything is possible."

We often place limits on ourselves - either consciously or unconsciously. When you walk into the box, and read the WOD on the whiteboard, what do you do? Most people try to figure out how many rounds they can fit in, or how long it will take them to complete the workout.

Whilst it's good to have a goal for your session, this can be destructive if you set your sights lower than your capabilities. Try to let go of your expectations every now and again - you might be surprised by the results!


4. Rich Froning 

"The human body is an incredible machine, but most people only get out of that machine what their mind allows them to."

If you're working hard in the gym, but not getting the expected results, it could be your mindset that's holding you back. Check out this post to learn how to improve your mental toughness.


5. Sam Briggs

 "I’ve got a good relationship with Lindsey. I like how we push each other, and together we get to see where the other is with their training. We don’t use it against each other; we use it to better each other."

Stop comparing yourself to your training buddies! Instead, focus on motivating and encouraging each other. What can you learn from them? What can you help them with? Make the most of training with other people, rather than feeling intimated by them.


6. Matt Smith

“I would say to never give up. When I started Crossfit everything seemed impossible, but I have never let any skill beat me. I will keep working on it until I get better and achieve my goal.”

Matt Smith is an adaptive athlete, and is living proof that amazing things happen when you refuse to give up. When he was just three years old, doctors told his parents he'd never walk again - now he's competing in the CrossFit Games open. If that's not inspirational, we don't know what is!


What are your favourite fitness quotes?


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