Are you losing hope in your search for comfortable underwear to wear inside (and outside) the box? Good news - the wait is over!

To celebrate the launch of 2UNDR on our website, we're giving away a week's supply of underwear - worth £175. Keep reading to learn more about this awesome brand, and find out how to enter...


Who Are 2UNDR?

2UNDR are revolutionising the world of men's underwear, with their unique concept - supporting men across the world in their athletic pursuits.

Originating in Vancouver, the founders wanted to create high performance, functional underwear for sports and fitness enthusiasts - but with the versatility for every day use.

The end result combines unrivalled support, with the ultimate comfort and style - you really can't go wrong with these boxer shorts!

Here's what 2UNDR had to say about their innovative design:

Taking inspiration from the kangaroo-pouch, 2UNDR features the unique and revolutionary Joey Pouch to separate a man's most valuable assets from bodily contact to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact, providing less chafing, more control and an altogether more luxurious feel. The innovative design also delivers improved airflow keeping you cool when involved in strenuous activity or simply going about a busy day.


What Makes Them So Special?

There are six key components that contribute to 2UNDR's unique design:

  1. The Joey Pouch
  2. No-Drip-Tip 
  3. Coldskin™ by Garmatex™
  4. Vertical-oriented fly
  5. Quality materials
  6. Roll-resistant waistband

Learn more about the benefits associated with each of this in this infographic:


There 5 different designs available, which each vary according to your needs. Click the images below to learn more:

Day Shift
Gear Shift
Power Shift
Swing Shift - Boxer
Swing Shift - Trunk



For your chance to win a whole week's supply of 2UNDR boxers, head on over to our Facebook page.

The competition closes at 23:59 on the 21st October.

The giveaway is now closed! Still want to get your hands on some 2UNDR? Click here.



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