Registration is now live for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open. Whilst many people are turning their attention toward's this year's hunt for the "Fittest on Earth", there's still plenty going on closer to home.
The UK competition scene has escalated in recent years, so there's plenty to get involved in. It doesn't matter whether you're the next Froningdottir or a weekend warrior who loves the thrill of competing. It might might even be your first competition.
The 2017 calendar is full of events for everyone. We'll cover some of the regulars in another post - but here's our pick of the new ones to think about:

District L - 20th & 21st May 2017

Pray for sunshine - because District L is kicking off in May and they’re taking the competition arena outdoors!
This new team competition will feature 100 teams of three men and three women. The location is one of the event's biggest selling points. Athletes will be throwing it down on the banks of Ullswater, in the Lake District.
A stone's throw from the lake, breathtaking scenery and on-site camping makes this the perfect family weekend.

Battle Cancer – 5th August 2017

Battle Cancer is aiming to be the UK’s biggest not-for-profit competition, with 100% of the money raised going to UK based cancer charities.
Taking place at Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, the one day event will host five different team categories. Each category will hit three workouts across the day.
Spaces are running short - so if you’re keen for combining your competition mindset with your philanthropic side, this one is for you!

Inferno Racing - Various

You might remember The European Inferno. Well, it's evolving. The team behind Strength in Depth have taken over the event and switched it up.
The original pairs competition is now the Inferno Pairs Series. What started as one event in Cardiff, will be replaced by three events - one in Cardiff, one in London, and one in Sheffield.
It is still open to all ability types, with masters and mixed teams also in the pipeline.
More events will take place, but details aren't available yet. Keep an eye on their website for further announcements.


The Battle Fitness Festival - July

Are you wondering what happened to The Athlete Games? “The Battle” is the answer. Established in Kuwait in 2013, the event is now run by the team at Circuit Plus CrossFit.
The London event is scheduled for July this year - but we're still waiting for the full details. If the standard of its predecessor is anything to go by, we can expect an awesome event.
Keep checking the website and Facebook page for updates.


The European Championships - 1st July

To round things off, here's another event that’s undergone a transformation. Battle of the Beasts & Battle of the Boxes has combined, as “The European Championships”.
Originally planned for the 3rd of June, the organisers have announced a date change - to avoid clashing with the Meridian Regional. The team event will now take place on the 1st July, with an individual event to follow next January. Both events will take place at the Crowne Plaza Arena in Colchester.
The success of the competition attracted some big names in the past, including Annie T and Katrin Davidsdottir. Lucas Parker and Sam Briggs are event ambassadors, and Scott Panchik is heading up the programming team.
Big prizes means the standard will be high. Even if you don't make it as a competitor - this promises to be one of the best spectator events.
January 21, 2017 — Bexx Hillman

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