Summer's just around the corner and, if last weekend's to go by, it's gonna be a good one!

Here are 8 things that happen in our box every summer - how many of them happen in yours?



1. The Shutters Go Up

As soon as it starts to get warmer, the shutters go up. The dark and dingy box you've grown used to during winter transforms into a bright, happy space.

You notice things you couldn't see before, like the sweat angels on the floor. Time for an epic spring clean!


2. The Sauna Arrives

Missing the comforts of your old globo gym? Don't worry. As soon as the temperature starts to creep up, you get all the benefits of a trip to the sauna, without going anywhere near your local health club.

Alright, maybe not ALL the benefits, but definitely all the sweat. This will catch you off guard - so be prepared!

Don't say we didn't warn you!


3. Changing Faces

When the seasons change, so do the regular faces down at the box. The core team stay the same, but you'll wave goodbye to the endurance athletes and climbers as they head back into the great outdoors.

The people who couldn't hack the sub-zero temperatures will be back to make up the numbers, though! 


4. Post-WOD BBQs

Summer is just an excuse to eat more steak, right?

At the first hint of decent weather, the box BBQ will be wheeled out from its hiding place, for an epic feed after a tasty Saturday WOD.

It's one of the unwritten rules of box life (until now!).


5. The Clothes Come Off

It doesn't matter whether you have abs or not. As soon as it's hot enough, the tops are coming off!

This is one of the best things about training in the box. You get to wear whatever you feel comfortable training in. No dress codes, or people to offend.


6. CrossFit Games Weekend

The CrossFit Games weekend is the equivalent to everyone else's music festival. It's a big event, and usually involves the aforementioned BBQ, a few screens brought into the box especially, and a stack load of beer. 

If you're new to the box, it's a chance for you to get involved in a social event, and see what the best in the sport can do. Everyone remembers their first CrossFit Games weekend, don't they?

Hopefully we'll have a few UK athletes there to cheer on from home too. Don't forget to tune into this year's Meridian regionals at the end of the month to find out.


7. Training Outside the Box

As well as hitting the box for your WODs, summer is the perfect time to get in some outdoor training.

If you're lucky enough to have a box with an outdoor space, this might happen during your regular sessions. If it doesn't, don't worry! We love a bit of Outside the Box training, so check out some of our other posts:


8. Faster WOD Times

Everything feels better in summer, doesn't it? Many people report bigger improvements in their performance too.

According to the research, there could be a few explanations for this:


​What do you think? Do you perform better during the summer? Have you noticed any of these in your box?


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