RPM Comp 4 Speed Rope Steel Blue


If drop-dead flat-out speed is your thing, Comp is for you. 

Built standard with our super-speedy bare cable, Comp is our fastest rope right out of the box. Perfect for game day, setting PR’s, or just impressing your gym buddies on a regular Tuesday, Comp prioritizes speed above all else. 

Since bare cables are more susceptible to damage from missed jumps, Comp is not recommended for beginners and should only be used on smooth surfaces (mat or rubber gym flooring).

Comp Rope Essentials

  • Dual-Bearing Anti-Friction - Proprietary bearing placement allows for ultra-fast spin while eliminating any “slop” in the system.
  • Precision-Machined Aluminum - Light enough to make big sets feel easy. Strong enough to survive thousands of workouts. 
  • Patented Dual-Axis Rotation - Your handles stay put at the end of your cable (where they’re supposed to be) while avoiding any twisting and torque build-up in your cable.  
  • 12’ Bare Cable - standard on all Comp ropes; this is our fastest cable, is NOT recommended for beginners, and should only be used on smooth surfaces.
  • Comp Knurling - More aggressive waffle-pattern knurling adds a tactical look and improves grip during the sweatiest of workouts. 
  • Microfiber Bag - For easy storage and transport.