5.11 CrossFit Limited Edition Tactec Plate Carrier Weighted Vest + Weight Plates Bundle

Includes either 2 x 10lb or 2 x 7lb flat weights plates 

This is the Crossfit Games limited edition plate carrier with eh 5.11 branding on the shoulders and a patch front and back.

5.11 has been the official plate carrier provider to the CrossFit Games for several years, and is trusted by some of the world’s most accomplished athletes for its reliable performance, durability, reduced bulk, and overall comfort.

Ready for any and all workouts, the All Missions Plate Carrier comes equipped with a full range of components that enable you to tailor its configuration to suit your mission’s needs. Build the carrier out with a “Slick” low-vis and low-profile configuration, or a “Standard” configuration with our patentedmulti-angle HEXGRID® mounting system, or a layered “Raid” configuration for a robust maximum loadout of equipment, ammo and armor.

Important: The 5.11 Tactical Vest is intended strictly as a fitness accessory and should NEVER be used as body armour.

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