We recently hosted our third KITBOX Athlete day with a morning spent at Manchester Velodrome followed by a workout and lifting at GritStone CrossFit in Manchester, owned by the Viking of UK CrossFit Richard Hill.

At this event we welcome some new faces and competition winners Rosy, Patsy and the boys from FORM Leeds. We also welcomed competitive runner and CrossFit newbie Ian Arnold  - see what made of it all here.

First of all we headed to the track, what was noticeable straight away was how steep and intimidating the banked corners were!

Luigi from FROM Leeds:

"We kicked off the day at the Velodrome to try track cycling and man I have a big respect for those guys that do these on regular basis, it's quite surreal riding a bike that doesn't have breaks and you can't stop pedalling or you will fall off( legs get a great pump after just a couple of minutes)."

A quick breakfast stop then we headed off to CrossFit Gritstone.  A few athletes redid Open Workout 18.1 while others opted to do a WOD involving Assault Bike, Kettlebells and Clean & Jerk.

We finished the day with some heavy lifting trying out the Wolverson Fitness barbell and bumper plates which are smooth as butter.
Rhian Pearson went head to head on CrossFit Open 18.1 head to head against social media King himself Joe Taylor - here are is her take on this and The Open.

Words by Rhian

"Earlier in the week I threw down the gauntlet for a head to head with Joe Taylor who trains at Form Leeds, UK, to see who could get the most reps on 18.1, the first Open workout, who would win, the giraffe 🦒 Or the T-Rex 🦖 ? Kitted out in our new Inov8 Training 260 knits, VullSport bra, Stance socks and WODnDone we were joined in the workout by the amazing athletes Sheli McCoy, Richard Hill and Danny Campbell. There is nothing better than being pushed by the people around you to do better, being chased or chasing someone to push yourself to the limit and get deep in that paincave.

The workout was a 20 minute AMRAP: 8 toes to bar, 10 hang clean and jerk 15kg/22.5kg DB and 12/14 cal row. It was brilliant to do the workout with such awesome athletes; Sheli, Dan and I ended up pacing each other throughout, trying to stick to the plan and push each other to a better score whilst Joe and Ricky took it to the next level! The aftermath of the workout with everyone lying on the floor with forearms looking like popeye after eating a bowl of spinach proved we had all pushed to our limits and had landed ourselves deep inside the paincave.!

Joe, the t-Rex 🦖 beat me on this workout, but without the push from all these guys and all the others at team KitBox cheering us on I would never have pushed so hard and beaten my previous score by 17 reps so I happy with that result."

Please look out for our next KITBOX Athlete day on Facebook - we will invite some lucky followers to join us

March 22, 2018 — KITBOX [ ]

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