June's Box of the Month is Border City CrossFit, based up in Carlisle. We caught up with one of the owners, Ben, to learn more about this awesome box.



What's the story behind Border City CrossFit?

After going on about the benefits to my long suffering wife for so long, I finally backed myself into a corner and had to open my own affiliate after an earlier box closed. 

I strongly believed in the community spirit and the shared experience of progress the sport had shown me in other settings. We are a very community based box. 

That was four years ago and, after moving to new premises and expanding our coaching team, this year we took on four other partners and have forged ahead with the original vision.


What makes your box so special?

We support everyone, through sticking to the simple ethos of 'leaving better than you entered'.

We love the Open and regionals, and lots of our guys compete all over the UK. However, the real magic is in the class - where you see amazing performances, day in day out, on so many different levels from so many different people. The personal journey of individuals is always inspiring.


What have been the highlights since you opened?

Moving to a bigger premises.

Seeing a community grow from an empty space.

Watching people compete - both in house and all over the UK - and seeing the drive it gives them.

Hosting other boxes, and visiting CrossFitters, from all over the world.


What's your coaching philosophy?

Never forget that quality movement cant be rushed and has to be practiced.... a lot!


What are your members like?

Mad!! They would not mind me describing them as such either!

Like most boxes, they are a real mix of ages, abilities and backgrounds - and thats what makes it all so magic!


What happens in a typical class at Border City?

We run classes from 6 in the morning, until 9 at night on various days - so there is no typical day!

Every day involves a lot of energy and enthusiasm, from both the coaches and the members. Whenever I feel a bit out of it, I just have to look at what they give every time they walk through the door and hear 3, 2, 1.. Go!


And finally, what does the future hold for you guys?

Well, when I started I had the mentality "If I last a year, we're doing good". Now, we're four years in - with a community of over 100 members and a team of 5 owners and coaches who drive everything forwards.

I have given up guessing where we will go! One thing i do know is it will be driven for the members, and see us forge stronger links.


Any last words before we leave?

In this sport, people always go on about what is right or wrong. In my opinion, the truth is - there is no right or wrong.

As long as its safe, sees people progress from whatever starting point they have, and they enjoy the journey - then you are doing it right!


Wise words from Ben, there! If you want to see your box featured here later in the year, don't forget to nominate them.

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