Our Box of the Month this month is Results for Life - home of Stronger Together CrossFit. Find out more about this North Lincolnshire box in our interview with the founders, Joshua Pearson and Jack Leaning.



What's the story behind your box?

So the box we have today has developed through two of us coming together and combining our talents and passion.

We both had a passionate for fitness, and had similar inspirations. We started off running group fitness and then decided that joining the community would help us piece together what we were passionate about, so we affiliated as Stronger Together CrossFit.

We both have a burning desire to guide others towards living a more confident, passionate and healthier life. We felt there were a lot of people that struggled with the confidence to reach out and take action on making changes in their life, so we decided to set out and help those people. 


What makes Results for Life so special?

We have an amazing team of caring coaches that go above to help our members. We understand that training is only one component, so we offer opportunities to help our members in other areas to aid their progression. 

We’ve built the business so it’s not only a place to develop the fitness of our clients but a place to help develop other talented coaches. We started off with 1 and then 2 coaches, we now have 7 paid coaches. So I guess what makes us special is that we’re relentless on helping others take the next steps towards a better life.


What have been the highlights since you opened?

There have been so many!

Recently we’ve had huge success working with some clients with specific physical barriers. We’ve had an amazing girl with MS go from struggling to pick up a TV remote to deadlifting 165kg - she’s about to compete in her first powerlifting completion this weekend. We also have a member with cerebral palsy that has been huge development and fitness is now an integral component of his life.

Everyday is a highlight, we have so many members that are accomplishing things they never though possible, it’s such an inspiring tribe to be part of. 


What's your coaching philosophy?

Our coaching philosophy centres around the ability to live life to fullest and empower our members to express themselves through fitness.

Once our members have a grasp of the basics, we introduce them to various different styles of training and help guide them towards something they’re passionate about. For example: competitions, olympic lifting, powerlifitg, endurance sports etc. 

We take pride in consistently expanding our abilities as a coaching team, we pride ourselves on the ability to care and understand our members. We know their barriers, their fears and their goals. 

We aim to be our member’s 3rd place; home, work, our box.


What are your members like?

We have a varied selection - but we have the most friendly and welcoming community.

We’re very proud of the culture we have and we love the care our members show for each other. 

By far the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met, they support us as much as we support them. 


What happens in a typical class at Stronger Together CrossFit?

The structure of class is usually centred around fun, hard work, education, and team work…if not all.

We make sure all our members leave in a great mood and feel inspired.


And finally, what does the future hold for you guys?

We have lots of plans in the pipeline, from creating more charity events and fundraisers, opening more facilities, assisting other coaches/affiliates develop and launch their own brands and basically evolving to better help create change.



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