This month's Box of the Month is Omnipotent CrossFit, based in Glasgow. We caught up with their owner, coach, cleaner and resident social worker, Tony, to find out more!



What's the story behind Omnipotent CrossFit?

I wanted to open Omnipotent CrossFit because I saw it as the natural evolution of the work I was already taking my clients through at a local globo gym.

I felt a connection to what Glassman said at the start, about his training methods being frowned upon in these stagnant surroundings. I definitely got told off a few times for being too loud, my training methods being viewed as dangerous and off the wall - and guess what - those that thought that way are all using those techniques now! 


What makes your box so special?

We live by the following values in this specific order:

  1. Fitness
  2. Fun
  3. Family
  4. Function
  5. Fortitude

The majority of our members are with us for fitness - and we do not get distracted by the shiny lights of competition - we cater for the 99% of the community, and that will always be our main focus.

We then want to always make it fun - remember that it's just grown up PE!

Family is important to us - it's more than community - we love and respect each other.

Function (i.e. safety and effective movement) is of upmost importance to us as coaches, and how we programme our WODs. In fact, to us, this is the most important value - but we keep that a secret from our members!

Last but by no means least - we value exposing our members to some fortitude - meaning the strength of mind and character that is built by WODs that take you outside of your safe zone and slap you about the face a little.

By focussing on these values I think we can create a facility that works best for both our members and coaching staff, provides an effective training environment and one that is always safe and welcoming! 


What have been the highlights since you opened?

Raising some £4000 pounds in a sponsored row from Glasgow to Lyon with the rest of the members of the box. We wanted to give back to a local charity that gives to underprivileged children in our area. I was astounded by how much money our gym raised - we really got together as a family and did ourselves proud!

Also moving from our original 1000 sq ft unit with a funky floor that meant all the barbells rolled into the middle to our lovely new boutique home in the merchant city of town! 


What's your coaching philosophy?

Our coaching facility at Omnipotent CrossFit used to be programme for the best and scale for the rest. But we had to take a long hard look at ourselves - most of our members are not interested in getting to either the CrossFit Games or a local comp. So we now live by the motto: 'the right things, for the right people, at the right times.'

This philosophy allows us to to focus on giving the best service to all of our members! 


What are your members like?

I love our members - the perfect mix of old clients and friends. Converts to the way of life. A yearly influx of students that bring along its own mix of culture and language. Drop-ins from all round the world that always come back! 


What happens in a typical class at Omnipotent?

We open at 6:15 am every weekday morning and run classes till 8:15pm at night.

A typical class will involve a heart raising warm up with some element that will prepare the member for the WOD ahead featured in it!

From there we focus on including a lot of mobility - due to us not having a dedicated mobility class in our timetable - we make sure that each WOD class has 10-15min of dedicated mobility in each session.

After this - it depends on what we have programmed for the day - It could be a gymnastic or strength element. More recently we have been prescribing Strongman style training in this element. We feel that it provides our members with some real functional strength work as well as being fun and educational!

After that we have the main WOD. We keep it simple - no longer than 20min - usually keeping them between 7-15min. A couplet or triplet, usually featuring a barbell. Being from a running background myself I really like messing with our members and having some block runs in there! 


And finally, what does the future hold for you guys?

I would like to see Omnipotent CrossFit go from strength to strength. I would like to see us continually improve the product we supply and make sure that we keep the family we have created as tight as ever. 


Any last words?

CrossFitters truly are the tip of the spear - go forth and spread the expression of true fitness with all your friends and family - improve your life as well as the lives of others and remember:

Fitness is more than your body. It's about community, physical potential and changing your life.

Wise words there from Coach TC! What do you think?

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