We've decided to run a brand new feature on the Kitbox blog, showcasing some of our favourite functional fitness brands.

First up is Blonyx. We started to stock their products in the Kitbox webshop earlier this month, so they seemed like the natural choice. Get the lowdown on the brand - and their products - here:

Who Are Blonyx?

Blonyx are a supplement brand with a difference: they believe in the power of simplicity.

We've said it before, but effective supplementation shouldn't be complicated. You don't need to pump your body full of artificial ingredients and unnatural stimulants to get results.

In Blonyx's own words:

"We believe that supplement companies need to clean up their act and start showing more respect to athletes.
This means spending more time and money ensuring the ingredients they use are safe and work before they start selling them.
It also means being honest and up-front about the science behind their products."


What Makes Them Stand Out?

As soon as we heard of Blonyx, we identified with their mission. The world of supplements is a confusing place - not helped by the fact that many brands spend more on marketing than product development.

Like us, Blonyx are commited to quality, transparency and performance. Not only that, but they tell us how they do it:

  • Blonyx only use ingredients supported by science. To get considered by the product development team, an ingredient must be proven by at least 10 published research studies.
  • They avoid dishonest pricing by ensuring each tub contains exactly a 30-day supply.
  • When developing products, Blonyx consider the needs of the best athletes. If it's good enough for a CrossFit Games competitor or an Olympian, it's good enough for everyone!
  • They stick to a small range of supplements, prioritising quality over quantity. Their supplements are clean and pure, avoiding artificial flavours or preservatives.


Our Favourite Blonyx Products

Want to know more? Here are our favourite Blonyx products:


Blonyx HMB Sport

You've probably heard of the amino acid leucine - and its role in muscle recovery. HMB supplementation takes this one step further.

Your body breaks leucine down into HMB, but it's thought only around 5% of leucine makes it to this stage.

According to Blonyx, research shows supplementing with HMB can improve performance significantly. It does this by repairing muscle damage, and protecting the integrity of the cells.

Research has demonstrated similar results in strength and endurance athletes alike - making it the perfect choice for functional fitness.

When it comes to supplements, HMB Sport is as simple as it gets. Pure HMB, enclosed in a gelatine capsule. That's it.


Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

HMB+ Creatine builds upon HMB Sport, with the addition of 5g Creatine Monohydrate.

Like HMB, the body produces creatine by breaking down certain amino acids found in food. This provides a fast, readily available source of energy for the muscles - but it doesn't last long.

To maximise this, research consistently shows creatine supplementation as effective for increasing strength and muscle mass.

This supplement is specifically for people who want to increase strength and power, combining the proven effects of both HMB and creatine.


Blonyx BETA-Alanine

Beta Alanine is one of the main active ingredients found in most pre-workout formulas.

According to research, it works by increasing carnosine. This is made when BETA-Alanine combines with histidine (another amino acid). Carnosine buffers the lactic acid build-up, keeping mid-WOD burnout at bay.

It's perfect for those short, intense WODs - where you need to go all-out without fatiguing half way through.

Unlike most pre-workouts, there are no nasty, hidden ingredients. Just pure BETA-Alanine.


Don't just take our word for it - try them for yourself! Blonyx supplements are available to buy here:

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