It's that that time of year again: the start of the CrossFit Games Open!

Whilst it's tempting to dive straight in and go at it full pelt, take some time to think about your strategy. This will help you get the most out of each workout.

To get you started with 16.1, we've teamed up with one our ambassadors, Barry Mairs. Barry is an Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist, and runs 360 Movement Therapy - so it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about maximising WOD performance!

Here's his advice for your 16.1 warm up:


Barry's 16.1 Preparation & Warmup Tips

As always, the director of the Games, Dave Castro, has completely thrown everyone with the inclusion of overhead walking lunges.

With a 20 minute time cap, low skill level and low weight - this workout is about pace, and how much you have worked your aerobic base. 

Even though it's a long WOD, and it's not as fast-paced as other Open workouts we've seen, it's still essential to prep and warm up correctly.

Here are my top 16.1 preparation tips:


1. Prep Your Hands!

With 8 C2B pull ups in each round for 20 minutes, there's potential for a lot of ripping and tearing of the hands. 

Don't be that person who leaves blood over the bar, floor and wall - then post a picture on social media. It's not cool, and ripped hands will seriously impact your training leading up to 16.2. 



2. Don't be Blinded by the Lunges.

Yes - there are overhead walking lunges for the first time ever in the Open's history. 

However, don't forget about the pull ups and burpees. Both of these movements require a proper warm up too.


3. Be Stable Overhead 

You'll spend the majority of this workout with the bar over head. If you make sure the bar is in a good and stable position, you'll improve efficiency in the lunge and reduce fatigue. 

Here's a good pre overhead warm up drill to try:


4. Keep Your Heart Rate Low

Don't get jacked up on pre-workout prior to 16.1. 

It's a long WOD, and taking pre-workout will up your heart rate and make it difficult to sustain a high pace for the full time cap. 


5. Try Before You Go

During your warm up, run through a shortened version of the workout.

Try doing 1 round of:

  • 4 walking lunges, 
  • 3 bar facing burpees, 
  • 4 walking lunges, 
  • 3 C2B Pull ups.

This will give you a good feel for where you may need to focus the rest of your warm up, and will get you mentally prepared for the movements in the WOD.

I hope some of you find this tips helpful. Remember to have fun, enjoy the opens experience!

Good luck.


More Advice to Help You Figure Out Your 16.1 Game Plan

In addition to Barry's warm up advice, here are some things to consider for the rest of the workout:


Maintain a Steady Pace

Whilst it's tempting to nail the first few rounds as fast as possible, you won't leave much in the tank for the last 15 minutes! 

Find a pace you know you can settle into, and maintain for the majority of the WOD. 

Use your own judgement to figure out when to pick it up and go all out.  Leave it too late, and you'll feel like you could have done more. Too soon, and you might end up doing more damage to the rep count. 


Aim for Unbroken Lunges

If you drop the bar on the lunges, you'll be sent back to the last 5m marker. This means you could potentially lose 5 metres each time you drop the bar.

If you need to rest, do it before you start the lunges - then commit to seeing them through.


Know the Movement Standards

Make sure you're absolutely clear on the movement standards before you begin. There's a lot to get right in this WOD - and every time you get something wrong you're losing reps.

Here are a few of the key points:

  • Reach full extension at the top of each lunge, opening the hips fully.
  • Make sure the knee touches the floor at the bottom of each lunge.
  • Your chest needs to make contact with the bar at the top of each pull up, reaching full extension at the bottom.
  • You must be facing the bar for each burpee - hopping over the bar sideways isn't an option here. You also need to jump over the bar with both feet, no stepping.


Most importantly - have fun! The Open is a time to put your training to the test, but it should be fun. Unless you're challenging for a Regionals spot, don't put yourself under too much pressure - and enjoy the process.

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