Why do you train? This is a question we find ourselves asking people a lot. We love to find out what motivates people, and what drives them to push hard in every session. This month, Kitbox ambassador Lorna Oakley shares her story...



I almost didn't type the word athlete.

After all, I don't compete, my pull ups leave something to be desired, and HSPUs? Don't even ask! So when I became part of Team Kitbox, the 'athlete' word was something not quite in my mindset.

I like to think I represent 'the ordinary' part of the community. (I almost used the word normal then, which is certainly NOT the case!)

I'm never going to stand on a podium, but it's a great balance to the high end fashion I'm used to. 

As I left CrossFit Penybont this morning, it totally highlighted why I train. And why a lot of us get up to walk into the gym at 6am, apart from the off-the-scale banter (mentioning no names, Breakfast Club members).



There are guys and girls like me, who train most days for very different reasons. Take my coach Alex; he was the first one to encourage a PB (and no, it’s not an instagram worthy shot, I promise).

He’s also part of Team Kitbox. We couldn’t be more opposite in our fitness, but we both have a similar outlook. I try to be the best I can; he excels…

Our business goals are the same though - to be the best we can in our field - albeit our days jobs are opposite ends of the spectrum.

But that’s what makes it work. We all train differently, but for a positive end goal.

On a more serious note, on this day two years ago I was in hospital with a suspected stroke. Fast forward three months, and I walked into CrossFit Penybont to start all over again.

Frustrating? Yes…  

Your coach has a greater influence than you think (not that I'd tell him that). I’m a stone heavier than when I came back, but a lot smaller. For me, it’s not just the aesthetics. For me, being self employed, it’s time to close my laptop and put my phone in my gym bag for an hour. And to join in the banter whilst challenging myself.

So, that’s why I train….


Who else can relate to this post? Let us know why you train in the comments!


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