Here at Kitbox, we're dedicated to providing the latest and most innovative products to help you reach the top of your fitness game. PurePharma have a reputation for producing health and fitness supplements of the highest quality, so we were excited to find out they were releasing a brand new product. Here's everything you need to know about PurePharma's PR3.

What Is PR3?

On the surface, PR3 seems like any other protein supplement, but it's actually much more than that. It's three supplements in one tub, and has been designed to provide you with a complete, post-workout recovery product. Here are the main ingredients:

Organic Rice Protein

Each serving of PR3 contains 24 grams of protein, which has been extracted from organic brown rice, to help repair your muscles after each workout.

Bioactive Collagen

A serving also contains 2.5g of bioactive collagen, obtained from whole beef collagen protein, to help your tendons and ligaments recover more effectively. 

Organic Coconut Water

During any tough workout, your body loses vital electrolytes as you sweat. PR3 contains organic, freeze-dried coconut water to help you replenish post-WOD.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of protein supplementation are well documented, and it's now widely accepted as a necessary step to aid both muscle recovery and growth. What really sets this product apart from the rest is the bioactive collagen, but why should we be using it as part of our post-workout recovery routine?

The Benefits of Bioactive Collagen

Collagen plays an important role in the body, making up most of our skin and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons). When we exercise, it's not just our muscles that need help to recover. These connective tissues often take longer to repair themselves, which goes some way to explain why injuries to joints, ligaments and tendons are extremely common.

Supplementation with bioactive collagen speeds up the process of collagen synthesis. This ensures your joints and connective tissues recover at the same rate as your muscles, reducing the likelihood of injury.


Why Rice Protein?

Many of the most popular protein supplements are whey-based, so you may be wondering why PurePharma chose rice protein? Both whey protein and rice protein have many benefits, but here are a few associated specifically with the rice protein in PR3:

It provides a dairy-free source of protein

PurePharma wanted to create a protein supplement that could be used by everybody, regardless of any allergies or dietary restrictions. The rice protein used in PR3 is organic, clean, gluten-free and dairy-free. As it contains no lactose, it will be kind to your stomach - even if you suffer from food intolerances.

It's nutrient-dense

Compared to most whey proteins, rice protein offers a wider range of nutrients. As well as providing you with the required dose of post-workout protein, you'll also benefit antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. These combine with the antioxidants and flavonoids found in the organic Dutch cocoa to provide a wide range of health benefits, including reduced inflammation and cell damage.

It has a complete amino acid profile

The rice protein used in PR3 has a complete amino acid profile, which means it contains all 20 amino acids. It contains adequate quantities of all 9 essential amino acids (the ones your body can't produce itself), making it a complete protein source. This includes a large dose (2g) of leucine, which has been found to build lean muscle mass.


What Does It Taste Like?

PR3 doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. It contains organic Dutch cocoa and a small amount of organic stevia, resulting in a more natural taste. If you don't like your protein powders to be too sweet, this is the perfect protein for you. Although the difference may be noticeable to begin with, it's a reflection of the high quality, natural ingredients PR3 has to offer.


How Much Does It Cost?

A tub of PR3 costs £54.99. Whilst this is more expensive than other protein powders, we think it represents good value when you consider the quality (it's 93% organic) and unique benefits associated with the three key ingredients.


PR3 is now available in our online shop, for those of you who'd like to experience the benefits for yourself.
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