15.4…… We see handstand press ups enter the CrossFit Games Open for the first time – with the scaled division now an option we have definitely seen the WODs include heavier weights and more complex gymnastic movements from the beginning.

 See how Joe, Josh, Darren, and Pippa are going to tackle the WOD.

Kitbox (KB) - Before we look to 15.4, how did 15.3 go?

Pippa Alford (PA) - Loved this wod and was chuffed with finishing 27th in Europe with my score. Completed 3 full rounds and 1 MU. I reconsidered my plan after watching some other Sarum athletes complete the wod, and realised the MU's were the place to make up time. I did my MU's unbroken, wall balls in 20, 20, 10. The DU's felt good on the first round (50, 50), but as the rounds went on, they rapidly deteriorated!!! Pretty sure I was down to sets of 10 on round three!

Anyway, loved the wod and loved having a crowd at Sarum to cheer me on!

Joe Cowen (JC) - Last week’s open workout was awesome. I managed to nearly finish 3 rounds so mega happy with my score. The muscle ups where the rest for me it was just my shoulders on the wall balls. The first round I went 25, 15 & 10 then all the other rounds did in 10s. I split the double unders into 50/50 and kept a nice pace.

However being the pre-workout whore I am I did not stick to my plan to have none, I had to have some but this time I only had 1 scoop and it workout out pretty well 

KB – Great work guys! And so onto 15.4…. What did you think when you first saw the WOD?

Josh Saville (JS) - HSPU and cleans.... now that sounds fun

After my holidays and 15.3 I felt good going into 15.4, however jet lag and the dreaded man flu has caught up with me!

Darren Freeman (DF) - Another cracker from Castro, love the open WODs this year

PA - I cannot believe they put HSPU into an open workout!!! I think the standard is rather tough, and it's going to be hard to get good reps in as you fatigue.

JC - My first thoughts on the workout are I’m happy it’s not a gassy one and yet again we are hit with more skilled movements for high reps meaning it’s all down to muscular endurance.

KB – How are you with the movements?

JC - My handstand press ups are reasonably good but not for a buck load of repetitions so I will have to game it and break them up as soon as I get into or past the 12s.

The 85kg cleans will all be power cleans and due to the low number of reps I personally don’t think it will affect the workout much.

PA - I am happy with both movements, I can kip well but I will try to delay the onset of fatigue by breaking down the HSPU into sets from 12 onwards. I find lowering myself down from a handstand the hardest part of a HSPU, so I will definitely be doing this with a yoga mat underneath me! It will probably put me at a disadvantage as it's soft, but I think it's better to do that than to do myself any neck damage. The cleans will be fine, and I'll aim to do them in fast singles - grip and rip!

JS - The tape measurement is a good way to make sure everyone is hitting the standard in HSPU! The cleans are a nice weight which quick singles should be ok...

DF - For me this has a massive gymnastic bias, although someone who weights 70-75kg might disagree. 

The new standard for HSPU is a genius idea and will make judging so easy and make sure the athlete doesn't short any reps or sneak their hands out wide. 

KB – Any advice or tips?

PA - I think the 8 minutes will pass very quickly and I think you have got to minimise time spent on transitions. I'm looking forward to it!

DF - Prep wise you really need to get those shoulders mobilised, then chuck in some Scap push ups to really get those shoulders firing. 

JS - I wanted to do this on Friday with the class as the atmosphere is mega! !! However after judging all night I noticed a few different tactics.... The one I'd recommend is slow and steady!!!..

JC - Kipp the HSPU from the go and break them up sooner rather than later but have little rest as 8 minutes is not a long time. Hook grip for the cleans is a must too.

DF - Breaking the HSPU is key to this WOD, sets of 3-4reps and try not to go to failure. Another key is to really kip the HSPU, don't be lazy and semi kip out then have to push the last quarter. 

Do the Cleans in singles, no point doing touch n go and then blowing on the HSPU. 

KB – Final thoughts?

JS - However hopefully I'll be fit to do it on Monday ..well good luck guys and go H*A*M

JC - Wear your best socks as everyone will see them whilst you are upside down and don’t worry about how your hair do is before the workout as it will get ruined on the HSPU. Kick ass and have fun !

KB - Thanks guys, good luck and we'll catch up next week.



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