The CrossFit Games Open is over for another year. It's now time to reflect on our performance, and make plans for the next few months.

Here's our advice to help you figure out how to come back stronger next year.




After the final Open WOD, all eyes are on the leaderboard as we wait for the elite to input their scores. Who will make it to Regionals? How will you compare? Who's got the fittest box?

With all the leaderboard excitement, it's easy to forget about how you got to this point. Instead of reducing your performance to the final position on the leaderboard, take some time to think about each workout.

What did you excel at? What did you find difficult? How did you feel before, during and after each WOD?

Try to stay as objective as possible - don't let your thoughts get clouded by the leaderboard. Instead of comparing yourself to others, try to zero in on your own, individual performance.



While you're reflecting, it's also important to stay as nonjudgemental as possible. You can't go back and change your performance now, so focus on what you can carry forward with your training.

Instead of beating yourself up, think about it from a logical perspective. Where did your performance fall short, and why?

When you understand why, you learn more about what's holding you back, which helps you set goals to move forward.


Goal Setting

When you set your goals, make sure you start from where you are now - not where you want to be.

Think about what you'd like to improve, and set realistic milestones to help you progress throughout the year. Instead of trying to do everything at once, it's a good idea to pick 2-3 key areas to focus on straight away.

What did you feel held you back most during the Open? Did you struggle on WODs with a strength bias, or was it your (lack of) engine that got in the way?

The idea is to maintain momentum throughout the year - so set your goals appropriately. If you try to improve everything at once, you're more likely to end up injured or burnt out. Prioritise, set measurable targets, and check in with your progress regularly.


Stay Consistent 

The best thing you can do to improve your chances in 2017 is to stay consistent.

How many times have you set yourself some goals, only to forget about them after a few weeks of hard work? That approach isn't going to get you anywhere.

Keep it simple, prioritise your recovery, and enjoy the process. It's tempting to go out, all guns blazing, after the Open - but that isn't necessarily going to help you in the long-term.

Instead, use your post-Open motivation to plan for the year ahead - and remember this feeling for when you're tempted to fall of the wagon.


How are you feeling after the Open? How are you preparing for the year ahead? Where do you want to be this time next year?

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