This month's brand of the month is Virus Performance. This range of compression gear is new to the Kitbox website this month. So, to give you a proper introduction to the brand - and find out how they can help improve your WOD performance - we caught up with their UK distributor, Adam. 

Find out what he had to say below:


KB: Hi, Adam! First of all, could you tell us a little more about the history of Virus Performance?

The California-based brand was formed to bring newly developed technologies to blow up the performance sportswear category. With innovations in nanotechology for enhanced fabrics, and ​specialized fits to enhance performance - Virus focuses on delivering innovation and cutting edge technology to top athletes.

From working with the athletes, the line was developed to what it is today. The brand continues to partner with top athletes to engineer improvements and add innovation to our current seasonal product offerings. 

In early 2015, I came across Virus and decided to look into becoming the UK distributor. After testing various items of kit - and realising just how good it was - I began negotiations with Head Office in California.

We struck a deal and, after a few months of work behind the scenes, VIRUS Performance UK was launched online and to trade in June 2015.


What attracted you to the brand? What makes it different to other compression clothing on the market?

​Our products are always developed from a standpoint of: "What enhancements can be made to make our product better performing for our athletes and​ customers?"

We start with that focus always.

We then select from a range proprietary fabrics; Cool Jade (Cooling), Coffee Charcoal (Heating), Bioceramic (Recovery + Endurance) and Airflex (water resistant 4 way stretch) to match the purpose of the product.

We work with our athletes to develop patterns based on their needs and the rigors of their sports to make adjustments. Once our athletes are completely happy with the product, we then put it into production.

This process leads us to a product that is relevant to the sports we engage in, and has benefits to athletes & customers engaging in similar activities.

We also focus on making Virus exclusive. It's only available in specialist stores that appreciate and understand the benefits and can connect with their customers - who will ultimately benefit from our offerings.


So, how can your products help our customers with their performance, inside and outside the box?

As mentioned earlier, all our products are designed with our athletes in their chosen sport. For example, we develop MMA related clothing with Cub Swanson - and, more recently, functional fitness & weight lifting based products with CrossFit Games athlete, Kenneth Leverich.

The majority of our clothing is compression-based. Compression is not just about being nice and tight all over. You have to have the right compression in the right places - and too much compression can be restrictive and cause damage in some circumstances. We work hard to target the compression, so it is exactly where the athletes need it in order to get the maximum benefit. One perfect example of an item that is made specifically for lifting is our Elite Series legging...


That brings us nicely to our next question. If you had to choose one of your products for our customers, which would it be - and why?

It would have to be the Elite Leggings for male and female as mentioned above. They are absolutely perfect for lifting in and to recover in after a hard session.


When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

I actually compete in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). It is an amazing sport. Virus has plenty of products perfect for OCR, and is doing really well in this sport.

I love to run - on and off-road - and do strength training every morning in the gym.

I am basically a huge sports enthusiast and will give anything a go, but have chosen OCR as my main sport as I love the community and the craziness of it! I get to meet so many amazing people competing in the sport - and completing crazy obstacles they never thought they could.

My next step is to start doing WODs in the mornings, when a box opens closer to home, as I think this would be the perfect training for me.


You can now find our favourite Virus products in our online store. Click here to find out more.

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