Alex runs CrossFit Pen Y Bont in Bridgend, as well as being a regular face at competitions. Find out more about him in this interview.

How did you get into the sport?

Rugby training was off one night and a friend suggested a new type of training near me so I gave it a go. A load of deadlifts, burpees and abysmal kipping pull up attempts later I was hooked.


What are your proudest achievements to date?

I came third in Battle of the Beasts 2015 and have been invited on a few weightlifting 101 camps in Europe and Iceland. That's pretty col to me.

But overall running a successful box for the last 3 years with my family is pretty epic!


What are your goals for 2016?

I would like to qualify for the French Throwdown. I'm good with a barbell but I have been working hard on my engine and would like to put it to the test.


What's your favourite WOD/movement?

Give me some C4, techno and a 1RM snatch or clean and jerk any day.


What's your least favourite WOD/movement?

Burpee to.... Box... Over bar... To rig...



What's the best piece of advice you have to give others?

Don't think about why anyone else is doing... And follow the PYB Instagram( @crossfitpenybont)!


Have you got any competitions planned this year?

Battle of Britain, and hopefully the French Throwdown, Battle of the Beasts and TAG.


What are your gym kit essentials? 

As long as I have some nanos and some thumb tape (and pants) I'm set! I don't like to rely on anything to have a good session!


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