Kinesiology Tape

If you've ever been to a functional fitness event, you'll have seen athletes walking around with various body parts taped up. But what is kinesiology tape, and who should be using it?

Kinesiology tape has a couple of uses within functional fitness:

  1. Injury Prevention. Athletes tend to use tape during competition to prevent known issues from flaring up, and to prevent injury.
  2. Injury Rehabilitation. If you're currently trying to fix an injury, kinesiology tape may compliment your treatment and rehabilitation.

If you have any niggles or injuries that could benefit from taping, check out the following products from leading brands such as Rocktape and Rehband.

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Wod & Done Pre-cut Protection Tape 4x1in Roll 50pcs
Wod & Done Thumb Protection Strips in a Roll
Wod & Done Hand Protection Blue Camo 10 pack
Wod & Done Thumb Protection Pink
Wod & Done Thumb Protection Black
Tape - Wod & Done Hand Protection Yellow
Tape - Wod & Done Hand Protection Pink
Tape - Wod & Done Hand Protection Black
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