Athlete Profile: Joe Cowen

Joe is co-owner of CrossFit Napalm, and a regular on the competition scene. Keep reading to find out more about him - including his biggest piece of advice and gym kit essentials.


Where do you train?

CrossFit Napalm.


How did you get into the sport?

Got into the gym after high school - building guns and pecks for the ladies. I saw an advert on Eurosport - and decided to give it a try!

I'm sure you've heard this before, but I hit Fran (not RX) and it destroyed me. I was hooked from that moment.


What are you proudest achievements to date?

Getting my CFL1 and becoming a full time coach at CrossFit Napalm. Also finishing 4th at Tribal Clash 2014 with some of my best friends.


What are your goals for 2016?

Train hard and have fun along the way. Help change people's lives one day at a time. And hopefully qualify for a top UK competiton.


What's your favourite WOD/movement?

My favourite workout has to be the 21-15-9 complex from the 2014 games (I think).

Movement-wise, I love heavy weights and gymnastics... I can't be doing with all that running!


What's your least favourite WOD/movement?

I hate running and burpees! 


What's the best piece of advice you have to give others?

Why do you do it ?

Most people are too serious or put too much pressure on themselves. I always ask them why do they do it. It helps them realise why they started, and why they still love it. Enjoy the process and have fun.


Any competitions coming up this year?

Wild West in summer, and pairs Fusion.

Possibly Tribal Clash too - either as a coach or competitor.


What are your gym kit essentials?


Stance socks are a must. Gotta have a strong sock game! 

I can't do anything without compression shorts on... And a big ass gym bag to keep all my other kit in: belt, shoes, rope & tape.

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