By day, Chloe is an Account Manager for a Software Development company and by night you will find her throwing down at TRAIN Manchester. 

How did you get into the sport?

Through the summer of 2010, back home in Hereford, I was doing bootcamp type fitness class. Darren, the guy who ran it, mentioned it regularly during the sessions.

I returned to University in Leeds that September, I had taken a decision to not continue with my Netball training (I couldn't hack the drinking culture!) and in a hopeful attempt to find a replication of the bootcamp fitness I had been doing googled 'CrossFit in Leeds'. Mike Rawlinson had literally just opened CrossFit Leeds, so I e-mailed him and headed down one Thursday for my first WOD. I have not looked back since and owe a lot to Mike, Rosie and the CrossFit Leeds family for teaching me so much. 


What are your proudest achievements to date?

Coming 4th at Regionals in 2011 with CrossFit Leeds will always remain high on the list. Bitter sweet, being 2 points out from getting to the Games!

For me, the achievements I am most proud of are not necessarily the placings I have made at competitions or the numbers I have lifted. My biggest achievement and what makes me most proud is when I look at the person I was back in 2010 when I started - compared to the person I am today. I have changed both mentally and physically for the better. The journey is ever evolving and I can't wait to continue along it.


What are your goals for 2016?

My goals for 2016 are to continue training and progressing. I am not aspiring to be a regionals athlete or anything like that. For me, CrossFit is a mechanism to keep me happy and healthy. The goal is to remain injury free, healthy and able to move well. Looking to improve my gymnastics ability and continue to build my confidence in lifting some of the heavier weights.


What's your favourite WOD/movement? 

I am a sucker for barbell movements, I particularly love OHS. I also enjoy wall balls and overhead walking lunges.


What's your least favourite WOD/movement?

Running - I really am not a fan of running. I also dislike ring dips and press ups!


What's the best piece of advice you have to give others?

1. Trust the process, everything is a journey, you improve over a period of time, not over night. This applies both to your fitness ability as well as your diet and aesthetic appearance.

2. Focus on moving well over the time / reps you post (unless in a competition). Moving correctly and creating the correct muscle memory ensures you are looking after your body and when you fatigue your muscle memory comes into play making things a little easier.

3. You wear your emotion on your face, stay calm and composed on the outside and it will translate inwards when working out this keeping you calm and in control.


Have you got any competitions planned this year?

Yes - I have a number of team events planned.

My focus is to have fun and enjoy competition, there are no plans to do any individual events. Hoping to make the Strength in Depth team again and maybe the Divided We Fall Team again. Those competitions where a lot of fun last year.


What are your gym kit essentials? 

My gym kit essentials are:

  • LuluLemon Sports Bra
  • Wunder Under Crop Leggings 
  • SGF Speed Rope 
  • Natural Grips 
  • Rehband Knee Sleeves 
  • My old school brown leather belt that Coach Andy Ruddick from HG3 Fitness gave me years back. 

Get some of Chloe's essentials here:

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