Wolverson Speed Demon Skipping Rope Blue


EASILY INTERCHANGEABLE ROPE LENGTH // The 10ft/3m stainless steel wire cable rope is easily adjustable to suit heights up to 6ft 6"/2m, aiding natural skipping rhythm. Unlike fixed length ropes, you can adjust this one to fit any height. Just set the length, tighten the screw, and trim any excess rope. Before cutting, try different lengths for optimum comfort, and use the removable rubber end caps for neat rope ends.

FAST PLASTIC COATED WIRE CABLE // The 3mm and 3.5mm plastic coated wire cable offers lightning-fast, tangle-free skipping. Ideal for high-speed spins, double, and triple unders, it's also suitable for beginners. The tangle-free rope and Cartridge Ball Bearing handles ensure a smooth, controlled spin for effective workouts and technique improvement.

WELL PACKAGED // Unlike other skipping ropes Speed Demon is packaged in an individual plastic bag along with a small nylon carrier bag.

SMOOTH TURNING LONG HANDLES // The Speed Demon Cartridge Ball Bearing Handles provide extra control and fit comfortably in your hands. The extra knurling from the handles allows you to “feel” the rope more precisely and helps you take your skills to the next level.