Wodwax Bar

By Wodwax

WODWAX is a wax-based product for cross-training athletes to help prevent hands from ripping and slipping on the pull-up bar. It is applied directly to the pull-up bar, eliminating the need for bulky gloves or grips, tape, or constant re-chalking, and making slick bars easier to hold onto.

Improve Your Grip

  • Whether you are dealing with slick pull-up bars or sweaty hands, applying WODWAX to the bar will immediately allow you to maintain a much better grip.
  • If you are accustomed to wearing grips when you do your bar work, you can still use them with WODWAX and get the same benefit.

Prevent Ripping Your Hands

  • WODWAX has the perfect balance of stick and give. The wax allows your hands to move just enough that your skin doesn't tear, while still allowing you to maintain your grip.
  • A pull-up bar with tape on it may create a stickier surface for your hands, but it has no give and leads to torn hands.
  • Chalk may help absorb the sweat on your hands, but it also dries them out, which leads to more ripping.

Gain Time

  • More grip means more reps strung together.
  • No ripping means more time for training and less time for healing.
  • Using WODWAX instead of chalk eliminates chalk breaks during WODs, which can mean faster WOD times.

Promote Cleanliness

  • WODWAX contains essential oils with anti-fungal properties to promote healing and prevent infection.
  • Gyms that use WODWAX instead of chalk have no chalk messes or dust to clean up!