Velites Weights for Fire 2.0 Jump Rope

By Velites

6 EXTRA WEIGHTS PACK FOR THE STAINLESS STEEL JUMP ROPE - Includes 6 weights (25, 50 and 100 g) for the Fire 2.0 rope.

IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE - Put up some extra weight to have more control of the rope and improve the technique of the double and triple-unders.

INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF UNBROKEN DOUBLE-UNDERS - Train with the maximal weight during one month and feel the difference when taking them off. You will be amazed by your performance.

HARDER TRAININGS - Increase the intensity of your rope trainings and grow the muscles involved in this movement.

PREMIUM CARRY PACK - Includes an ultra-resistant felt carry bag. Place the rubber protective caps in it so you don't lose them.